10 Amazing Facts about Sleep That Will Surely Impress You

10 Amazing Facts about Sleep That Will Surely Impress You

Sleep is an essential aspect of our lives. Every human being requires sleep as a daily activity. Lack of sleep may result in reducing the length of one’s life. But do you know there are a number of facts about sleep that can leave you impressed? Get aware with such amazing facts through this write up. Read through:

  1. The faces we see in our dreams are the faces we have seen in our life irrespective of the fact whether we remembers them or not. Thus, the faces we see in our dreams are never new to us. We have met them at least once before they appear in our dreams.
  2. The amount of sleep one must take varies in accordance with the age. Babies are required to sleep for more than 16 hours out of 24 hours a day. Children and teens in the age bracket of 3-18 years must take a peaceful sleep of 10 hours. For the age bracket of 19-55 years, the individuals must take a healthy sleep of 8 hours. This 8 hour criteria must be met for proper functioning of the body. The individuals who have crossed 65 years of age need to take just a 6 hour sleep.
  3. Talking about images, nearly 12% of the dreams individuals have while sleeping are black and white in color. The older people dream mostly in black and white in comparison to the young individuals.
  4. Sleep is required by each and every mammal; be it a bird, fish, amphibians, reptiles and human. But man is the only mammal who has the capacity to willingly delay the sleep.
  5. A record is made for remaining awake for the longest period that lasted for 18 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes, made during a rocking chair marathon. It was observed that the record holder faced blurred vision, paranoia, memory loss and slurred speech because of remaining without sleep for a long time.
  6. An average human spend as much as one-third of their life in sleeping. Such is the power of sleep!
  7. The parents of a newly born baby lose as many as 400-750 hours of sleep in the first year of the child. Thus, they miss six months worth of their valuable sleep after the child birth.
  8. Sleep and weight go hand in hand. If you think sleep has no relationship with weight, then you are certainly incorrect. If you are not taking the adequate amount of sleep, there will be a decreased level of leptin in the body which will force you to eat more, thus causing a gain in weight.
  9. 70% of the time, men dream about the other men, but women on the other hand, dream equally about both men and women.
  10. Hypnic jerks, which is the sensation of an individual falling when half in sleep and then jerking awake are considered a healthy sign. An increase in anxiety or physical activity just before the bed time is said to be the cause. These hypnic jerks are a common occurrence amongst youngsters.
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