10 Silly, Ridiculous Signs That Might Mean You’re In Love

signs of love

Love, the very word brings mysterious and amazing feelings. The matters related to heart are indeed very confusing and a bit terrifying. If you are somewhat confused, here is the remedy. We bring here the 11 silly yet definite signs of being in love. Read through:

  1. You no longer think about your Ex

You have had a nasty breakup with your ex and overcoming it was difficult a task for you. Jumping into a new relationship without giving time to yourself is never a good idea. But, after meeting that new person, you have totally stopped thinking about your ex, then certainly you are in love.

  1. For you that person is ‘special’

When you are madly in love, all you think of him/her is special. You feel your partner is unique and has the most beautiful set of habits, behavior and attitude. You feel so passionate about them that you tend to go out of way to make that person feel special.

  1. The way you look at your partner

Well, sometimes eyes speak more than words. This is so true in the case of love. You look at your partner with calm eyes appearing to be sweet and kind. That sight of yours declares that he/she is the one!

  1. All you want is their happiness

For you he/she is everything; all you wish for is happiness for your partner. You cannot see them in any kind of trouble. You are always on your toes when it comes to walking an extra mile to bring happiness on their face.

  1. You are simply fascinated by them

You are just so fascinated by them that you could sit for hours and watch them speak without even noticing that what they are speaking is even making any sense or not. All you want is to stare at how the words flow from their mouth and pops out.

  1. He/she is ‘Perfect’

Yes, he/she is your Mr/Ms Perfect! When you are in true love, all you can focus upon are the good and positive qualities of your beloved. Indeed, no person is born with all positives and no negatives. But being in love makes you completely forget the negatives of a person. So, that perfectionist image always develops when you are in love.

  1. You love pampering them

You may be an anti-pampering person till the time you met that person. But after meeting him/her, you love to pamper them for small nothings. As a guy, you love picking your lady love from her workplace to pamper her like a princess.

  1. You don’t notice hot guys/girls around you

This is the possibly the biggest sign, suddenly the hot guys/girls become incapable of rolling your eyes on them. You feel happy with your significant one.

  1. Care is the keyword

You care for their well being, their food and their everything. If they are unwell, you sit around them taking care of their health without thinking of your sleep.

  1. You don’t mind showing emotions

You don’t cry in front of even yourself, but you don’t feel bad showing your emotions in front of that person. If you are that comfortable then you are surely in love!

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