5 Breakfast Rules You Must Adopt to Break Your Weight

5 Breakfast Rules You Must Adopt to Break Your Weight 1

Are you keen on losing those extra flab of weight deposited here and there on your body? You have made it as your new year resolution to eat healthy, go for a walk and do exercise to lose weight, but still the goal seems to be a far cry. Do you know one of the easiest ways to lose weight is to set certain breakfast rules for yourself and follow them? The breakfast is one of the most important meal a person should have in a day. Kick start your day with a healthy breakfast. But when it is about breakfast, not every breakfast will play the role of a catalyst in your quest to lose weight. Weight loss to a great extend is the summation of how smartly one can plan the food intake. Here are the breakfast rules you must follow right from today:


Eat Right at The Right Time:

As per studies, the breakfast helps in keeping high the level of metabolism in the body. Make sure to eat your breakfast within one hour of completing your fitness regime in order to take the advantage of the body’s fat burning ability. By eating the right amount in breakfast, you save yourself from making the wrong choices when it comes to lunch or dinner.

Go For High Nutrient Diets

When you undertake the breakfast the goal is to keep the stomach full. Always avoid those food items in the morning, which do not make the stomach full, instead pile on the calories in the body. Go for a food item which is rich in nutrients which will help you in performing the daily activities. The nutrient rich diet will take time in digestion and thus will keep you full for a long time, saving you from eating random food stuffs here and there.

Go The Protein Way

Eggs are the preferred breakfast diet for many. There is a reason for that. According to dieticians, the high protein diets are linked to increasing the fullness of the stomach, reducing the food cravings and also tends to put a halt on the junk foods. Low protein breakfast tends to reduce the body metabolism and also decrease the muscle mass. Go for diets such as egg, whole grain toast, banana and oats.

Limit The Intake Of Starch and Sugar

We all have that sweet tooth, which compels us now and then to indulge in the sugary delight, particularly in the morning. Foods such as pancakes, jellies, cupcakes and jams are a big No when you are making the breakfast choices. This is because these sugary products are high in calories and tend to get stored in the body as fat, thus making you lethargic by the time the day passes. Thus, it is advisable to cut down on the sugar portion in the breakfast and opt for fruit juices and whole grain breads.

Watch For Portions

Instead of eating everything fully, use the trick called portions. A big breakfast will only end up making you full to the brim, but don’t make overdoing the breakfast as your habit. Check for the smaller portions or servings that will not jeopardize your weight loss schedule and also at the same time give you enough energy to complete your day. Keeping a check on the morning calories is significant for setting the diet for the entire day.

If you thought that skipping breakfast will help you in achieving your ideal weight, then this post must have helped you in getting the reality check. Not eating the right breakfast can actually derail you from losing the weight. Follow these breakfast rules to get slimmer.

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