5 Erogenous Zones On Women Most Men Don’t Know Exist

5 Erogenous Zones On Women Most Men Don’t Know Exist 1

There are certainly certain zones in a woman’s anatomy that can surely give her sexual pleasure without going below the belt. These zones are called the erogenous zones that act as a great contributor in sexual arousal. Knowing these hot spots on the female body is a plus point when you lay in bed with her. Identifying these zones not only improves the sexual health but also leads to sexual satisfaction for both of you. So, understanding the erogenous zones is a must. We bring here a bucket list of erogenous zones on women most men don’t know exists:

  1. Her ears

Her ear has a lot of tiny nerves that can surely send sexual responses to her brain. This is the reason, the ears are a favourite yet easiest erogenous  zone in a woman’s anatomy. All you need to is a full tongue to ear penetration to awake this zone. Start slowly by tracing your fingers on the outer line of her ear and gently kiss the earlobe or hold it in your mouth. If she likes it, take it as a license to nibble on her earlobe. You can stimulate this erogenous zone with great ease and win her.

  1. Her inner thighs

Often men are seen working on their woman’s vagina, but they often are unaware about what actually stimulate her. The inner section of thighs, being close to the genitals acts as a great way to initiate some sexual happening between the partners. You simply need to roll your hands or your tongue on this area of her’s and slowly and gently move towards the prime location i.e. vagina. This rolling of hands or tongue can make her gift herself to you.

  1. Her Clitoris

Clitoris is said to be the body part of the woman that contributes the most to any kind of sexual activity. Being extremely sensitive, the clit is the region that can gift an amazing orgasm to a woman. One thing to note here is that simply touching her there won’t serve any purpose; you need to vibrate clit and put some pressure there to go a long way. Sexual pleasure and clitoris goes a long way together.

  1. Her neck

Neck..!! Yes, dear guys, the neck is one of the major erogenous zones you can hit upon. Grab her from behind, push her hairs away and make the back of her neck empty and start delivering splashes of warm and soft kisses at the back of her neck. If you see her moaning at this moment or some goose bumps, then do the same on the opposite side. This erogenous zone can bring wonders for both of you; but do this only if you are sure she will like it.

  1. Her nipples

Although men have always been after their partner’s nipples, but only a few know how to use nipples to their full advantage. The nipple stimulation is as effective as is stimulation in the vagina and clitoris. Gently massage her breast and use fingers or tongue to trace the areola region before putting your mouth there. Softly hold it in your mouth and suck it or lick it as per her liking.

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