5 Surefire Ways of Flirting With Your Crush

flirting with your crush

Do you turn shy the moment you see your crush in front of you? Do you wish to flirt with him/her, but feel blank on ways and means of doing so? Flirting is the most easiest of the activities one can do in order to win over the love. Don’t ever feel that if you do this, you may end up feeling embarrassed in front of your crush. There is no dearth of flirting techniques in the world; all you need to do is think, understand and then decide which technique will fit your situation and can reap in positive results. We list here some of the surefire ways of flirting with your crush. Have a look:

  1. Social media likes

The social media is said to be a boon these days. These are a great ways of staying in touch with your crushes without making them crush you. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. can prove beneficial in this regard. For instance, if they post a picture on Instagram simply like the picture. Liking a single photo is always harmless; but repeating this activity over the time will surely give your crush a hint that something is cooking up. You need to tap most of their pictures and posts, but not all.

  1. Texts

The texts have opened up a new era of flirting. There are a lot of ways of flirting via texts. You can send pictures, messages and jokes in order to convey what is going in your heart. Make sure to text them regularly in order to show interest and also to get to know them better. Start with a simple Hi and when the reply comes, from the other side, you are free to take the conversation to any level. All you need to keep in mind is to maintain decency in flirting. The moment the decency vanishes, everything comes to a definite end.

  1. Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes is like an old is gold formula. These are indeed tricky, but are considered as one of the thoughtful things one can do to woo the crush. So write a funny yet romantic note on a beautiful piece of paper with your best handwriting and hand it over to your crush. But make this move only when you are 90% sure that there is a yes from the other side too, otherwise you may end up landing in a joke land.

  1. Connect With Eye

Listen very carefully, there is no need to take part in any staring contest and give your crush a run. Staring like a tortoise will only make the situation bad or even worse. Make sure to look at your crush straight into the eyes in a subtle manner so that they can feel that you have a soft corner for them.

  1. Calls

Making a call is not only intimate, but a very bold step. If you do this perfectly, you can earn brownie points. However, the act of calling is always seen as terrifying by many. It can give a rush in your blood veins. If you have the confidence, dial their number and initiate conversations directly.

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