5 Things Guys need to know about Sex

5 Things Guys need to know about Sex

“Sex” a word openly used but not said. Men are usually curious about what they would want to do or experiment with in bed in order to gain more satisfaction from their sexual relationship. Apart from sex, men are also afraid to ask questions pertaining to intimacy and sex.

Considering that each man is different, the list of questions that men keep to themselves can be a long one. However, there are a number of issues that are common amongst most men and here I list some of them.

  1. How to put your partner’s pleasure before your own.

To be a caring, loving and a passionate lover, it’s important that you don’t finish too fast and ruin the experience for her. There’s a bigger pay off to you when you put her pleasure before yours. It not only shows that you are a considerate lover but many women interpret it as an overall sensitivity and statement about your respect for her.

  1. How to go down on a woman… effectively.

Many men get intimated by oral sex and don’t learn to fully enjoy it. You should have had enough practice to learn how to relax into it and watch her response so that you’ll — and she’ll — get more out of it. The clitoris is actually wishbone shaped and runs down either side of the vagina under the labia. Learn to lick, suck and tease the labia. Also give some attention to the area that surrounds the clitoris.

  1. How to seduce a woman.

If you want to really, really make her feel sexual, the answer is in seduction. However, you should plan your strategy and the words you will use to make her feel loved. Seduction has more to do with emotional connection than physical. A woman needs to feel comfortable with you and know that you are interested in her.

  1. How to stay faithful to one woman, and enjoy great sex over time.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting and casual sex when you’re dating and looking for the right partner. If you’re worried about keeping the heat alive, that’s actually a good sign, and means you’ll put effort into making your sex life exciting. Research says that keeping things spontaneous tends to help keep people together longer.

  1. How to understand when she’s not in the mood — but also how to get her into the mood.

Though you might be ready to go at it as soon as you wake up, she might not be in the mood. Instead of rolling your eyes or getting upset, consider what you can do to better understand what will get her in the mood instead of why she’s not horny. Many men (and women) don’t realize that the typical female sexual response cycle is reliant on physical stimulation; which means that either she or you need to initiate actual touch in order to become aroused.

Don’t feel hesitant in asking and sharing questions with your partner. The more you understand each other the more pleasure you can give and get from each other.

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