5 tried and tested ways of making your man go crazy in bed

5 tried and tested ways of making your man go crazy in bed 1

Do you know what is the formula for making your man crazy in bed? The formula is nothing but creativity! If you do something regular in a creative way, it will surely drive him crazy. Just never be afraid of doing something which he never expects you of doing. It is often seen, that many women fail to express their sexuality to their partners out of their own insecurities and inhibitions. Here are some of the tried and tested ways which never fails to drive the man crazy in bed. Try these:

  1. Tease him

Nothing can drive him more than being teased in the bed. Just go slow with your acts and add a lot of sensuality into it. Don’t rush for sex. Slowly roll your fingers on him and plant a kiss on his chest, head, face and body. So, tease him by kissing everywhere apart from the most desired places.

  1. Come first in getting naked

Often, it is the man who gets naked first and then he initiates and gets his woman undone clothes. So, take this liberty. Get naked in the time he takes to get freshen up in the washroom. Be completely naked and crawl under a sheet. Obviously, he must have not expected this, so will go damn crazy on seeing you in this position. The nudeness will surefire him to go wild in bed.

  1. Get naughty to the core

Guys love when their girls turn from angels to naughty sex divas in the bed. Don’t think he will think low of you if you turn dirty in bed. On the contrary, he will love to see you like this and your naughty acts can act as a driver for giving him a definite craziness. So, a naughty, sexual and daring act is what it takes to make a man super crazy in bed.

  1. Make the foreplay last long

Foreplay is one of the hottest moves in bed that every man loves. The foreplay should not start in the bedroom, it should start much before that; but it does end in the bedroom. To make your man a little crazy, start with texting or getting into an erotic conversation with him. The foreplay acts as a base for the main act. In foreplay, make sure you don’t touch his penis and also make sure not to leave anything else. This tension that your act will create is capable of taking the entire scene to another level.

  1. Look the best you can

Guys are a visual creatures. They tend to fall in love with what they get to see. The easiest way to turn them on is by showing your best and beautiful look. So, the way you look matters a lot in turning on your man and arousing him like nothing else. This visual sensation can act as a per foreplay for your man. This way you are making him crazy without even touching him. Get into a sexy outfit, and give your man ample time to get turned on before starting the actual physical act.

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