5 ways to get better teeth

5 ways to get better teeth

Being confident when you represent yourself in front of others boosts the confidence within you. When you walk with your head held high, all that they look for is your beautiful smile. Teeth are one of the most essential features of a human being. Probably, it is our looks, smile or talks which are revealed to them during a conversation. Hence, to keep feel better for yourself always be cautious about how you represent yourself from head to toe. There are 5 ways to assure that you can begin by nurturing your teeth well:-

  1. Brush daily

    It is mandatory to brush twice a day in order to get those better teeth. It can also be helpful to stop tooth decay and chase away those cavities for which the doctor keeps us away from chocolates! It is recommended that you brush all the three times in order to remain free from diseases like plaque or cavities.

  1. Mouth Wash

    Mouth wash like Listerine, Himalaya HiOra, Colgate Plax and many more brands have introduced such supplements. All of us are lazy and these supplements are quite handy when it comes to not brushing. Mouth wash helps for oral healthcare and clearing of dirt stuck around your teeth.  

  1. Gargle the dirt

    Sometimes, mouth wash or brushing does not work for some people. In order to get better teeth, you can opt for salt water gargling method. It helps to clear the gum inflammation as well as bacteria gathered near the gums. You can also try Green tea which is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant. Swirl it around your teeth when you take a sip of it and experience the difference in two days.

  1. Go the natural way

    Toothpastes are available in a variety of brands and flavors, but do they really work well with our teeth? Let us try to avoid these pastes and go the natural way. Use baking soda, lemon, hydrogen peroxide and water to make a paste which can help in whitening the teeth too.

  1. Get a dental makeover

    Finally, to give those turned teeth a little perfect outline, you can take the help of a dentist. Temporary braces will help you get your teeth shape into a proper manner. The straight structure of your teeth helps you remain confident with your approach towards anything. Apart from this, dentists can also help you with whitening your teeth if you run out of time to use the homemade remedies.

Looking after your teeth and avoiding any kind of dental problems is what any of us desires. So, rather than going for expensive treatments to maintain your teeth, it is better to jump on to homemade remedies. These methods are cost effective for all of us. So, prepare yourself for a battle where you need to maintain hygiene around your teeth and gums and throw the plaque out of your disease list. We have many options in life, it is upon us to choose the best and follow the same for maintaining good health and teeth.

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