5 Ways to say no to Food Cravings

say no to Food Cravings

Stop those cravings at once!

In today’s world, everybody wants to look slim and beautiful but most of the people are not able to maintain their body in shape because of bad craving habits. Most of the people don’t know what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat. Food Craving will happen and increase when one has an option of food varieties of his/her choice. Here I will discuss five ways to stop those cravings.

Sleep Early

Early to bed and early to rise is what we been taught in order to lead a healthy life. Most of the time cravings attack us in the night.  If you stay awake till midnight there are more chances of food craving, and the chances are that you might end up at late night food joints. Plan to sleep early, let your body rest so that you wake up feeling energetic the following day.

Stay focussed on what the body wants

Always keep in mind that eating junk food will only give you taste. Otherwise you will be loaded with more and more amount of unhealthy fats in your body. Switch to organic food. Start eating protein rich food i.e. fruits, green vegetables, salads and try to minimise foods which contain fats oil. You’re your body what it needs rather than what it wants. You should stay in tune with it

Cultivate a new hobby

Every day whenever we are free we open the fridge, eat food, feel good and this cycle continues every day. We should try to divert our mind in activities which keep us occupied. This does not necessarily mean exercising and extreme workouts. It can be just calling a friend, listening to music, going for a walk, gardening etc. This will help in distracting your mind from food and will keep us focused on other positive things around us.

Avoid Stress

Stress in one of the main reasons of over eating. When we are stressed, our body releases hormones. We feel like eating tastier s rich in sugar and/or fat because it applies temporary brakes to stress by managing our hormones. Try to calm your mind by reading good self help books, exercise, meditation, and off course keeping a good company of friends. This will help in reducing chances of frustration, anger and stress.

Eating in small portions

It is very important to eat in small portions. If you’ve surpassed your hunger, waited and can’t kick the craving, it’s time to eat in “small portions”. Eating only one-fourth of the portion size you really want, keep your stomach empty to an extent, then put the rest away and distract yourself for 15 minutes. Observe and see how you feel once the time has passed and chances are you’ll be equally satisfied as if you had eaten the whole portion.

Getting out of any habit is a task by itself, but it’s rightly said that anything practiced for 21 days will become routine on 22nd day. If you are serious enough to pick the regime, start applying the tips and see how the magic happens. In a nutshell, following the above regime will ensure a happier and fitter you.

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