6 Crucial Ways Losing Weight Revs Up The Sex Life

6 Crucial Ways Losing Weight Revs Up The Sex Life 1

The way you feel about your body and your partner’s body has a major role to play when it comes to sex life. Obesity plays a great role in dampening the sex life to a great extent. It leads to sexual dysfunction and the absence of sexual stamina in the individual. If you have extra weight in your body, you tend to suffer from a hormonal imbalance which will lead to sufferings in the sex life. Hence, it is better to get the records straight and lose the weight in order to have an enticing sex life. We tell you how losing weight will bring wonders to your sex life:

Corrects erectile dysfunction

The obese men have a higher likelihood to suffer from erectile dysfunction, also called impotence. The weight issues bring with it high cholesterol and hypertension which prevents the proper flow of blood to the body parts mainly, penis causing issues related to erection. The moment the process of losing weight gets started, the condition starts improving.

Increases energy in bed

When you are overweight, you tend to feel bad about your naked body which affects the desire of feeling sexy or desirable. This leads to serious lack of confidence in the bed. But when you start shedding off the weight, you gain a confidence of being full of energy to satisfy the partner in the bed and also enjoy the sex life.

Helps in correcting the hormonal imbalance

Obesity is one of the major cause of hormonal imbalances which leads to low level of testosterone in males, causing low sexual desires. The presence of increased fat in the body also causes Sex Hormone Binding Globulins (SHBG) which binds the testosterone in the males that causes the presence of less sex hormone in the males to handle their sex life. But with losing weight, one can correct this kind of hormonal imbalance and lead a normal sex life.

Increases the number of sex positions you can try

The presence of excess weight in the body can badly impact your sex life by limiting the number of sex positions you and your partner can indulge in. Performing the same sex position every day tends to cause boredom in the bedroom. When you are obese or your partner is obese, trying the different sex positions become a big challenge. So, by throwing that weight, you can bring in some refreshing positions to give a satisfying sex life to each other.

Free from buried penis syndrome

The presence of abdominal fat in the man suffering from obesity makes their penis appear rather small and even buried when they go for erection. Such condition is called the buried penis syndrome and it badly affects the sex life as no woman can ever like her man to have a small penis which will not give her an orgasm. With losing weight, the chances of getting affected by the buried penis syndrome becomes less and one can go for a normal sex life.

The Big ‘O’

When you are high on weight, the ‘O’ in sex life does not point to Orgasm, but to Obesity. Achieving the orgasm becomes a dream when you are suffering from obesity because the presence of the excess fat causes the blood vessels to narrow down restricting the proper flow of blood. Thus, when you turn to the fitter side, reaching to climax becomes easier.

The sex life is as important as are the other aspects of life. To have a peaceful and satisfying married life, it is of importance to look into the ways and means by which the bedroom fun can be increased and if weight is creating troubles, it is always better to stay fit and throw that weight. Have a happy sex life!

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