6 Effective Ways For Soon-To-Be Moms To Get Relief From Heartburn During Pregnancy

6 Effective Ways For Soon-To-Be Moms To Get Relief From Heartburn During Pregnancy 1

Enjoying the bliss of motherhood does not come easy as women have to bear a multitude of problems before they can bring another life into this world. Amongst the various health issues that women generally face during their pregnancy, the feeling of heartburn is quite common. This is a burning sensation that extends from the bottom of the breastbone to the lower throat and is caused due to the various physical and hormonal changes taking place within the body of the females.

Causes Of Heartburn

causes-of-heart-burn-in-pregnant-women-002During pregnancy, the placenta produces a hormone named progesterone, which helps in relaxing the muscles of the body. The hormone also has a relaxing effect on the stomach valves, responsible for keeping the acid out of the esophagus. As the pregnancy advances, the growing size of the uterus puts pressure on the stomach causing the gastric acids to seep back up into the esophagus. It is the presence of these gastric acids in the esophagus that causes the deep burning sensation, commonly known as heartburn. Most women tend to start experiencing this sensation during the second half of their pregnancy.

Ways To Get Relief

Thankfully, unlike some other discomforts associated with pregnancy, women do not need to bear the distress of heartburn till their baby is born. There are several effective ways to get relief from this sensation in a safe manner. Listed below are 10 such methods that pregnant women can follow to minimize the sensation of heartburn.

  • Women should try to avoid taking large meals after long gaps. Rather they should take smaller meals and increase the frequency of their eating. The women should also ensure that they do not eat their meals in a hurry but rather take time to chew each morsel properly and enjoy the meals.
  • Pregnant females should make it a point to not drink too much water or other liquids with their meals. Instead they should keep a small glass of whatever they like to drink and just take an occasional sip while eating. However, at other times they should try to drink plenty of water.
  • It is best to avoid foods and beverages that tend to cause gastrointestinal problems and in turn lead to heartburn. These might generally include fatty and fried foods as well as food that have high acidic content. In addition women should also avoid foods that are too spicy as well as carbonated beverages and alcohol.
  • Women should make a habit of going to bed at least two to three hours after having their last meal of the day. They should also keep their head and chest elevated while sleeping and try to spend more time sleeping on their left side so that the stomach acids are not able to easily flow upwards into the esophagus.
  • Another effective method of getting relief from heartburn is to take a leisurely walk or do some light household work after each meal. Women can also spend some time reading a book or performing some other relaxing activity of their interest. Lying down immediately after having a meal can increase the occurrence of heartburn and cause much discomfort to the females.
  • There is a reason why women are advised to wear loose and comfortable clothes during pregnancy. The tight fitting clothes tend to exert additional pressure on the body and cause a sensation of suffocation which in turn can enhance acid reflux into the esophagus. Wearing loose clothes not only eliminates this problem but also gives their cramped bodies, enough space to breathe.

Implementing the above methods can help pregnant women get the much desired relief from the sensation of heartburn and ensure that they have one less thing to deal with during their pregnancy.

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