6 Signs You’re In A Healthy Sexual Relationship

Healthy Sexual Relationship

You must have read about a lot of red flags and signs that give you a definite hint about you being in a healthy relationship. Indeed Sex is one of the prime aspect of a relationship, but there is always a demarcation that makes a sexual relationship- healthy or unhealthy. Read further and know whether you are in the healthy sexual relationship or not:

  • You love your sex life

You are totally delighted with your sex life. The moment you think of sex, all you dream of is you being with your partner in the most comfortable manner. When he/she texts you during the day about a great sex at night, all you get is goose bumps. You love the way your sex life has shaped and you are taking your earnest efforts to make it even more ravishing.

  • Your relationship is as good as is your sex life

A lot many times, the relationship between partners is great, but they have a bad sex life. This can be vice-versa also. So, always make sure that your relationship and understanding with your partner is as good as is the performance in the bed. Having a good sex life, but no intimacy between the partner is always considered as unhealthy sexual relationship.

  • You tell your partner what you need

The best sign of a healthy sexual relationship is that you can clearly convey to your partner, your likes and dislikes when it comes to hitting the sack. You can tell him about your whims and fantasies and so can your partner. You both make sure to fulfil each other’s desires related not only to sex, but also related to overall life.

  • Your partner understands what you hate

There may be certain things about being in bed which you may dislike, but at the same time gives an amazing orgasm to your partner. In such a situation, one needs to be sensible enough to reach a point where he/she do not hurt the other person by doing something that the other person completely loathes or by trying to put your hatred thing aside and think about the happiness of your partner. You both need to reach at a common platform for the sexual relationship to run smooth.

  • You never judge your partner

A lot many couples have a bad sex in the first go which later on starts improving. But even when it dint go well, you or your partner never played the blame game with each other. Instead, handled the situation tactfully by telling each other in a senseful manner about the things that went wrong without developing any judgmental notions about each other.

  • High level of satisfaction

The level of satisfaction you and your partner have with each other after a round of sex is simply tremendous. This level of satisfaction is very important in order to maintain a good sexual health. Also, telling your partner that you are totally satisfied with him/her will certainly give a boost to him/her. It is a good habit to let them know.

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