6 Things that happen when you don’t clean your tongue

6 Things that happen when you don't clean your tongue 1

Your morning schedule includes brushing your teeth and making them snow like white. But what do you do for your tongue? You always forget that the tongue also needs a cleaning schedule, isn’t it? Flossing the tongue is as important as is brushing the teeth; this is because at a number of instances the bacteria are often seen lurking in the mouth around the tongue, so the only way left to keep them at bay is by brushing them out.

The tongue cleaning also helps in other health issues as it boosts the immune system of the body and helps in digestion on one hand and improves the dental health on the other hand. On the contrary, if you don’t clean up your tongue, you may contract a number of health issues.

To give you an eye opener, we tell you what all can happen if you don’t clean your tongue every day. Read further:

  • Halitosis

Bad breath as it is commonly known, is mainly caused due to the tongue not being cleaned on a daily basis. When the tongue is not cleaned each day, the bacteria don’t only live there but also builds a house there and their prolonged stay there leads to the foul smell in the mouth, which is medically called halitosis. And once you develop the bad smell, your near and dear ones will start maintaining distance from you leading to embarrassment.

  • Gum disease

If you don’t clean your tongue, you will not only be the recipient of the tongue related problems, but also the gum disease. You must have noticed that your teeth start bleeding profusely upon brushing, but that is not a gum related issue, but gingivitis, which is a tongue related issue and makes your gum swollen, red and they often end up bleeding.

  • Taste buds turn dull

Due to non-brushing of the tongue, a filthy coating of food debris, dead skin cells, bacteria, clinically known as biofilm starts developing on the tongue which often covers up the taste buds causing hindrance in the functioning of the taste buds. The taste buds turn less sharp because of that. So, brush the tongue every day to have active taste buds.

  • Tooth loss

When you don’t brush your tongue regularly, gradually your gums turn weak and thus becomes susceptible to the bacterial attack, which eventually affects the tooth. And once the tooth loss starts, you may end up losing one tooth after another. To halt this very process, it is imperative for you to regularly clean the tongue.

  • Black hairy tongue

The extreme stage of the dirty and unclean tongue is its surface, turning visibly dark and hairy. This occurs when the surface of the tongue is constantly repleted with the leftovers of the food and drinks one consumes. However, this condition is not harmful and can be avoided if the tongue is properly cleaned every day. Actually, there is no growth of the actual hairs on the tongue, but the fuzzy look which develops on the tongue makes it appear dark and hairy.

  • Yeast infection

If you thought yeast infection is something which can never take place in your mouth, then, here is the reality check. Yeast infections can very well take place inside the mouth and are commonly called the oral thrust. The yeast naturally grows due to high levels of bacterial growth in the mouth, which is caused due to improper maintenance of the tongue. This can be seen in the form of the presence of white patches on the tongue. To clear the yeast infections, you need to go into antifungal medications.

As a healthy dental routine for your teeth, make sure you also follow a cleaning routine for your tongue. Tongue cleaning is required for removal of the dead skin cells, toxins, fungi, bacteria and even food debris from the tongue’s surface.

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