6 Ways In Which Your Kitchen Can Help You To Lose Weight

6 Ways In Which Your Kitchen Can Help You To Lose Weight 1

Weight loss is a long, tiring and often frustrating process and everyday you need to bog down numerous temptations to give up the fight. However, in order to ensure that you remain motivated enough you need to establish a comprehensive routine which not only involves following a stringent diet and workout plan but also focusing on your everyday activities that might de-motivate you. In this respect, your kitchen can play a vital role as it is the one place where you can win or lose your fight against the unwanted fat accumulated in your body. Discussed below are six effective ways in which your kitchen can help you lose weight in an effective manner.

Put Any Tempting Food Away From Your Sight

Tempting food items such as cookies, chips and sweetmeats can lead you to indulge in unwanted snacking. This can not only derail all your weight loss efforts but can actually make you gain more weight. The best way to avoid any such situation is to keep any such food items away hidden from your sight. It is even better to store them in a difficult to reach cupboard located high above the kitchen platform.

Fill Your Refrigerator With Healthy Foods

Make sure that you stock your refrigerator with a variety of vegetables and fruits. You might also try storing raw vegetable and fruit salads in small containers, which you can take out and eat whenever you feel like having something to eat. Even if you need to store any junk food inside the refrigerator, be sure to hide it behind the containers of fruits and vegetables. You can also try storing fresh juice in cold drink bottles and take a sip from the same occasionally.

Keep Your Set Of Measuring Cups And Spoons Handy

When you prepare food in measured quantities, you reduce the habit of overeating in a steady manner. However, this becomes somewhat difficult if you need to search for the measuring cups and spoons every time you start cooking. So make sure that you have a separate space marked for placing the measuring utensils and accessories so that you gradually fall in the habit of cooked only required amounts of food. The absence of extra food naturally curbs your temptation to eat more, while also helping you to minimize wastage of food.

Use Plates Of Smaller Sizes

If you are in the habit of completely filling your plate when taking food, then make sure that you use plates of smaller sizes. This will ensure that you take smaller portions of food and yet do not feel like you are starving yourself, as you will still be eating plateful. Eating from smaller plates might seem a bit inconvenient initially, but as you continue doing so, you will become more comfortable with the habit besides which you will also be able to keep your calorie intake under check.

Fill Your Plate In The Kitchen Itself 

Before implementing this idea, make sure that separate your dining area from your kitchen. You don’t necessarily have to build a brick and mortar wall, as a simple room divider can suffice. When you fill your plate in the kitchen and take your meal outside, you gradually reduce your eating proportions. This is because you feel less inclined to make a trip to the kitchen to get another helping of your favorite dish.

Stock Up The Spices And Condiments

Be sure that you are never short on spices and condiments especially if you are on a weight loss diet. Such diets generally require you to cut down the fat content which generally makes the food a lot less tasty and even totally bland. But using the right spices and condiments can enhance the taste of even such foods.

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