7 Thing every pregnant woman should know about working out

7 Thing every pregnant woman should know about working out 1

So, you are pregnant and thinking of giving up on your working out routine? Why are you thinking of stopping your workout regime just because you are pregnant? You are pregnant, and pregnancy is indeed not a disease. You certainly can keep up with your working out regime provided you are aware with the exercises which are safe for you during pregnancy. Instead of stopping working out, you just need to modify certain moves. Here is the list of things you must know about working out during pregnancy:

  • Cardio can be done

People have the myth that dancing or jogging can’t be done during pregnancy. You certainly can do the exercises you used to do before you became pregnant. All you  have to do is to make sure to talk out in a loud voice while you are indulging in your exercise regime. When you will take this talk test, it becomes sure that the exercise is not done in too hard a manner.

  • Avoid downhill skiing, skydiving or sports like soccer

These sports carry with themselves, a high risk of falling. Also, the fall that the players received during these sports is of high speed and high energy. This indeed can prove fatal for the fetus. Hence, instead of playing these games yourself, start watching others play them by sitting in a lodge and sipping coffee.

  • Don’t go for hot yoga, but prenatal yoga

High temperatures often prove to be dangerous for the fetus, which is in the developmental stage at the moment. Thus, indulging in hot yoga or running in the heat can heat up the body and prove to be dangerous. You can start doing prenatal yoga which keeps the temperature of the body cool and thus don’t pose any trouble for the fetus.

  • Heartbeat as high as 140 beats a minute is acceptable

Too fast the heart rate can impair the flow of blood to the uterus. It  is advisable to always have 80 % of the maximum heart rate. The maximum heart rate does vary from individual to individual across different age brackets and level of fitness.

  • The workouts during first pregnancy may not prove smooth during the second pregnancy

The exercises which used to give you enjoyment during the first pregnancy often become a tedious task during the second pregnancy. This is because there are certain hormonal changes in the body that take place after the first pregnancy and delivery of the first baby. So you may like to go for low impact exercises during second pregnancy. Simply listen to your body rhythm and do what it wants you to do.

  • If no exercise regime was followed before pregnancy

If you were not a workout person before getting pregnant, starting a workout training during pregnancy is never a bad choice. You certainly can start your workout sessions, but on the advice of a prenatal trainer. You can start with walking or swimming.

  • Workout will prohibit weight gain

By working out during pregnancy, you won’t be able to gain much of weight. This does not mean that the baby won’t enough space in your anatomy. The weight gain is dependent upon the pregnancy stage and BMI of the individual.

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