A healthy diet to get a healthy shape

A healthy diet to get a healthy shape 1

Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror? Do you see any tyres around your belly? Do you look too plump or do you think you are bloating like a buffalo even though you are eating less? It is not just about how much you eat but what and when you eat. Bloating feels like something heavy kicking your tummy out. This is often relieved by passing wind or burping which makes you feel that food has digested. Let us get our facts correct. All these things can never stop you from bloating. You need to follow a healthy diet and a strict exercise regime.

Eating habits are one of the most important techniques to lose weight rather than controlling your food intake. In order to stop bloating, you need to chew your food some 25-30 times till it actually is like a paste. Big chunks of food gulped down immediately are one of the main reasons for bloating. People find this symptom to be a common one as you over eat due to stress, tension etc. To save yourself from looking like a pregnant woman, all you can do is to control your calorie intake and jump on to some exercises.

In order to stop this bloating tension, let’s begin with a small diet chart that can help you control in a beneficial way. Begin your mornings with warm lime water and honey or green tea. Anything warm or hot helps to retain the amount of salt in your body. Eat less of white items like sugar and salt. The lesser the intake, the more close you are towards your goal of reducing the fat. Get into the habit of drinking lots of water according to your body weight. They say for every 20 kgs you need to drink one liter (litre) of water. This helps you to stay away from hunger and hog anything you like. Even if you feel hungry, you can fruits like watermelon which consists 92% of water. Also, make a habit of eating curd or yogurt and drinking buttermilk while having lunch or dinner. They say yogurt is already pre-digested and has the milk sugar lessened which reduces bloating. Always eat fresh food than the processed food as it helps to reduce your sodium intake. Finally, after these healthy eating tips one mandatory task is to start with some exercise for at least 30 minutes daily.

Keeping yourself satisfied is not enough, you need to control the useless cravings of eating sweet, spicy or junk food. In your free time, grab some almonds or nuts if you feel really hungry. Try to have your meals in small divisions but have something healthy every time you eat. It is the will power within us that helps us reduce the bloating. Foods are never monotonous; you just need to have them in a different and fit way. The last resort which we can always go for is try some healthy protein shakes for breakfast and normal meals for the rest of the day. This helps you to build muscles and reduce bloating effects by inch loss. Never fall for traps, just eat healthy.

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