Apple Cider Vinegar – A Truly Miraculous Health Tonic

Apple Cider Vinegar – A Truly Miraculous Health Tonic 1

Vinegar has been used across centuries in various forms not only for different household and cooking purposes but also as a folk medicine. However, in the recent years the popularity and demand of apple cider vinegar as a miraculous health tonic has risen significantly. This is mainly due to an increasing number of people seeking natural health care solutions. Apple cider vinegar is proving to be an effective remedy for a wide range of ailments including allergies, arthritis, indigestion and even cardiovascular issues.  In fact the tonic is known to have been used by the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates for treating his patients.

Apple cider vinegar is named so as it is made by pulverizing fresh apple to get cider, which is then mixed with yeast. The yeast turns the sugar content of the cider into alcohol and this is allowed to ferment further until it becomes sour and transforms into vinegar. The vinegar thus obtained contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients that help in maintain the health and fitness of individuals.  The most common method of consuming the tonic is by two tablespoonfuls to a glass of water and drinking it on empty stomach. People who find the taste of the drink to be too potent can add honey and lemon juice to the drink.

Some Common health benefits offered by apple cider vinegar are listed below.

  • It contains pectin that helps to reduce bad cholesterol and regulate blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels.
  • It comprises of malic and acetic acid, which helps in maintaining the pH of the body and helps it fight a variety of infections including those caused by bacteria, fungi, and yeast.
  • It helps in dissolving uric acid crystal which provides great relief from joint pain and helps to prevent stone formation in the kidney and bladder
  • Its potassium content helps in preventing hair loss and strengthens fingernails and teeth.
  • It enhances weight reduction by causing the fats to break down.
  • It contains sulfur that helps in reducing ageing spots as well as proves effective as a cure for acne, bad breath and body odor.
  • It proves effective in controlling diarrhea as the pectin contained in it forms a coating along the lining of the colon.
  • It helps to control dandruff by destroying the fungus present on the scalp and maintaining the appropriate pH balance
  • Apple cider vinegar is also used as an effective remedy against sunburn.
  • The beta-carotene present in the tonic helps in enhancing the immunity of the body and making it capable of fighting various ailments in a better manner.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar is a good source of potassium which makes it an extremely effective home remedy for curing sinusitis and a runny nose besides providing relief to people suffering from sore throat.
  • It helps improve digestion by maintaining the normal acid levels in the digestive system to enhance the absorption of nutrients within the body.
  • It helps to remove toxins in a natural manner and thus improves liver functioning.
  • It reduces the growth of cancer cells and even proves effective in destroying them.
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