What Foods Are Good For You During Ramadan?

What Foods Are Good For You During Ramadan? 1

Each one of us thinks and make sure to eat healthy during the Ramadan month. But, only a few tend to eat healthy during Ramadan; this is because a lot of people are not even aware of what is good and what is bad for them to eat during the month of Ramadan when they fast.

As per the observations of the nutritionists across the world, during the month of Ramadan, the focus shifts on the get together with family and friends where a number of sumptuous dishes are served. Because of this, the people tend to eat more than they generally do. The hot and humid climate adds to the misery as people stay indoors to avoid the cruel weather and in turn adds on to their health issues.

We have compiled a list of what is good and what is not good for you to eat during the month of Ramadan. Take a look:

  • Fresh fruits

The fresh fruits are your best friends when you observe fast during the holy month of Ramadan. The fresh fruits aid in replenishing the electrolytes the body lost during the long fasting hours. Also, some people suffer from a low level of sugar during the fasting, so fresh fruits also help in providing the fibre and the complex carbohydrates required by the body which helps in increasing the levels of glucose in the body. Also, the problem of indigestion can also be rectified with the intake of fresh seasonal fruits. You can even sprinkle some cinnamon powder on the fruits to make them look and taste lively.

  • Raw nuts

The raw nuts must be taken during Ramadan as these are considered as a great source of good fats, which helps in slowly releasing the level of sugar in the body. But, a word of caution here is to keep the amount of nuts within the control because if taken in excess, it can result in considerable weight gain.

  • Lots of water

The water consumption must be given top priority while observing fast during the month of Ramadan. To make sure that you do not catch dehydration, drink lots and lots of water between the Iftar and the time you go to bed to sleep. Avoid taking lots of tea because the tea will increase the output of urine, which in turn will lead to loss of minerals from the body. Drinks such as coffee or any aerated drink should be avoided 4-5 days before the start of Ramadan to prepare the body for the upcoming festive month. This is done to avoid instances of sudden mood swings, irritation and headaches happening once these drinks are stopped when the month of Ramadan begins.

  • Dates

Dates, being a storehouse of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, potassium and natural sodium is a must food during Ramadan. During the fasting, the levels of these nutrients become low and thus the dates are the easiest and quickest way to replenish the lost reserves. Also, the presence of natural sugar in the dates helps in regaining the energy required for doing the evening prayers. Due to the sudden change in the eating pattern, there are individuals who develop constipation; the dates are celebrated as the mild laxative and can be used for easing constipation.

  • Meat, Chicken, Fish

These three components are usually the part of the Iftar meal. They are very healthy and a rich source of protein which helps in feeling fuller faster and for a long period of time. The gym person often faces the issue of losing the muscle during Ramadan, so good portions of chicken, beef, lamb and fish as kebabs or grills can help in ensuring that no muscle loss happens.

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