Best Yoga Poses for a Better Posture

Best Yoga Poses for a Better Posture 1

A good posture makes you look tall, elegant, slim and confident. How many of us actually have the correct posture? The stress and couching in front of the television has played havoc with our postures making us look pudgy, stooped and lazy. The strain of sitting hunched up in front of the computer day in day out has also played a big role in our poor postures. Have we forgotten the mobile phones? They are not innocent bystanders as far as our poor postures are concerned. The constant answering of text and whatsapp messages and conversations are one of the biggest culprits of poor posture.

If your spine is not aligned properly it will push onto your rib cage putting unnecessary pressure on your heart, lungs and the gastro intestinal system.

So what are we going to do about it? Do away with mobiles? Oh no! They are our lifelines now. Most businesses are conducted with the use of the mobile phone.

We are going to practice a few yoga poses that will help us improve our posture.

  1. CHILD’S POSE – Bal asana

Go down on your knees with your arms overhead and palms facing each other. Exhale while slowly bending your body forward and bring your tailbone to your heels. Stretch your arms out in front of your head and slowly lower your forehead to the floor. Inhale and feel your spine pull into its correct position. A deeply relaxing exercise for the entire back and shoulders

  1. HERO POSE – Virasana

Bend your knees and sit on your heels. Sit upright. Let you top of your head reach tall. Inhale as you full your chest upwards. When you exhale you will feel your spine stand erect. Rest your forearms on your things without flexing your arms. This pose may not be appropriate for you if you suffer from knee problems.

  1. MOUNTAIN POSE – Tad asana

It is the best pose to learn the correct way of standing. Stand tall with both the feet flat on the mat with the arms hanging down on both sides of your body. Feel your tailbone tuck as you roll your shoulders back. When you lower your shoulder blades you will feel your chest move forward and open enabling you to reach your full lung capacity. Get into the ultimate alignment pose by bringing your chin backwards so that your ears are even with the top of your shoulders. Set it straight and breathe.

  1. COBRA POSE – Bhujangasana

It opens up the chest area and shoulders and also strengthens the back and spine. Lie flat on your chest and begin to breathe slowly. Place your palms flat on the mat at shoulder width distance and slowly lift your chest upwards whilst inhaling. Using the strength of your arms, lift your neck and drive your face into the air. Feel your shoulders pull away from the ears while your pelvis and toes lay flat on the mat.

Apart from practicing yoga it is important to sit properly. Sit straight whilst meditating. Make a conscious effort not to slouch whilst watching television; I know it is hard but a good posture goes a long way in keeping your body in shape as well as making you look smart, confident and ready to take on the world.

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