Boosting Metabolism- After Over-Eating

Boosting Metabolism- After Over-Eating 1

The best way of undoing over-eating is by getting back on track with a workout which makes you sweat! You are going to free so much better afterward- trust us! The morning after having a massive meal, no need to beat yourself would be so much better if the accidental – over indulgence found its way of burning itself. But, unluckily, that is just not the case. In theory, binge- eating can slightly increase your metabolism- however, that little effect in the dwarfed next to negative effects of binging- and the best way of boosting the metabolism is by engaging in more activities in the daytime. In case you find yourself binge-eating regularly, or you are struggling in your relationship with the food, see a professional for some guidance in getting your eating habits under control.

Had a heavy meal? – take a walk!

After binge-eating, you can start offsetting the additional calories by boosting the level of your activities. It is best to wait for 3-4 hours before you engage in intensive activities. A full stomach can cause cramping and nausea. However, it is safe taking a walk after eating, and walking gives 2 advantages which support weight loss. For beginners, you will start burning the calories. The amount of calories used depends on how fast you can walk and your weight. Nonetheless, a half-an-hour walk at a speed of 3.5miles/hour uses 120-178 calories. Low-intensity physical activities at any time aid in lowering the blood sugar in healthy people and the ones diagnosed with diabetes. Keeping the blood sugar level balanced helps in weight loss. When your blood sugar level is high, the body stores the extra sugar as fat which prevents the existing fat from being used as energy.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is the rate at which the body burns the calories and it differs greatly from one person to another- depending on the sex, the body weight, age, muscles, and genetics. Even though your metabolism rate may be out of your control to some extent, there are a few things which you can do to give it a boost and increase the calorie- burning potential.

Once you have crossed your 30, you will realize that your winter weight does not come off very easily as it does in the springtime. Your pants become a little snugger. A few drinks on Friday night can almost ruing your Saturday. You tell yourself that it because you are busy with your work and have been decreasing and goofing off at the gym, drinking a little more and eating the take outs more often. Well, all this may very well be true.  However, it negates the fact that something else is also going on. Your metabolism has slowed down. The good news is that you can make a few changes in the way you do things and you can kick back it up into high gear. It only takes little knowledge. Here are few things you should do:

  1. Turning down your thermostat. – This is probably the easiest way of reviving your metabolism.
  2. Laughing to stay leaner- this is not a joke. Genuine laughter can cause a 10-20% increase in the basal energy expenditure and resting heart rate- as per a study.
  3. Eat enough- if you are looking to weigh less, you have got to eat less, right? Wrong! If you are taking in too less calories, it will only cause your body to lose the muscle mass. It will only slow down your metabolism.
  4. Having green tea- it contains catechins which is a kind of anti-oxidant which triggers the release of fat from the fat cells and aids in speeding the capacity of the liver for turning the fat into energy.


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