What is Botox? 5 Things to Know About Botox Injections

What is Botox? 5 Things to Know About Botox Injections 1

Face is the most important of your body. Extreme care is taken to keep a face clean and wrinkle free. Wrinkle is an unavoidable part of your face. Soon, wrinkles make your face look ugly, your face starts to frown. And this is where you actually think about botox.

So what is botox? It is an injection that will help in relaxing your muscles and will also help in preventing such lines. Those wrinkles that are on your face will actually start fading. It does not let your muscles move and as a result of which the wrinkles are almost gone. But if you are someone who has not ever got botox injections in the past, it is very important for you to understand/know these five things about botox before you actually go for it. Read to know more.

  1. benefits of botoxIs it safe or not? 

    This is a basic question that we all have in our minds. But let me tell you that botox is actually very safe. FDA has given its approval over it. There are certain areas in your body for which FDA has given its approval and these are between your eyes, forehead and crow’s feet. Not only wrinkles, botox can also be used to treat some of the medical conditions like that of migraine, any sort of pain like that of muscular and neck pain. But, at the same time, it is very important for you to tell your professional about any kind of muscular problem you suffer from.

  2. Trust, whom should you trust? 

    Research plays a very important role here. It is very important for you to understand the person and also do some research on the injection that you will be getting. You also have to make sure that the person is qualified enough to do your botox properly. Trust someone who has experience and who has delivered results in the past.

  3. Price? 

    Botox might be a very costly affair for you if you do not pay attention to it. It would be better you tell your doctor to charge you for per unit of botox instead of charging you for per unit of your face. If you go for per unit of your face, then it is going to be very cheap for you. In that case you will pay only for the service that you take. But, if you go for full face and end up getting injections only at a certain part of your face, you will be charged very high.

  4. How is the Process? 

    This part is also important. You should know what is there for you. Well, let me tell you. The process is very short. You need not do much about this. Also, the needle is also very small. You will not even feel the pain. At the same time, you will also not know when it started and when it ended.

  5. What about the Results? 

    Do not expect results within a second. Results take their own time. Though the effect is visible enough, but it will take time for the results to become apparent and this is something which is very normal.




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