Cardio vs. Weight Training? What is Your Take?

Cardio vs. Weight Training? What is Your Take? 1

This is a very common question which most of use either ask or are faced with. The more number of people you ask, the more you tend to get confused. Even if you ask a trainer, the person will reply on the basis of his/her experience or what they might have seen in their client. At the same time, we have seen people doing both as both help them in losing weight. Although, not much of the research has been done on this topic, but people still prefer doing both. The reason behind this is that both the forms have their own way of treating your body. Also, it is advised that you take out time for both, even if you do not have time, you can do it on alternate days.

So, now let us get deeper into each one of them to understand them better and then it is upto you to choose.

Weight Training :

It is an important part of your workout regime. It is mainly because it helps you in building muscles. And having muscles is good for you. The reason for the same is that if you have more muscles, it tends to increase your metabolism. As your metabolism gets increased, as a result of this, you are able to burn more and more calories. The other most important reason that you should be doing this is that in case if you are dieting and trying to lose weight, in that case if you do not do this, then you will soon be gaining more and more weight. This will happen because of the muscles that you are trying to lose. The fat from those muscles is going to build up which will be your extra weight. For that matter, it is very important to do weight training, at least in a moderate way. Your body will be able to maintain the required balance and also your bone density will also be increased.

Cardio :

Above we talked about weight training and its impact on your body. Now, we will be discussing about cardio. This is the best way in which your body can burn calories. It is very effective as it focuses on improving the overall fitness of your body. If you perform cardio in a very extensive way, then the metabolism of your body will also be increased. If you are someone who wants to lose weight, then doing cardio will help you achieve that in a shorter span of time and the results are going to be very good provided you perform it well. The most important thing to remember here is that you should not make your body feel tired, instead do shorter sessions of both, so that you get a positive result.

Even after getting into the details of both the forms, there is no one answer. It also depends what you want from your body. It also depends on what your goal is. If you go and ask your trainer about this, then we are sure he/she might give you one answer, but again we say that there is no one answer to this question.

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