Common Myths About Dentistry

Common Myths About Dentistry 1

Dentistry and the common myths around it

Who does not want a healthy mouth? After all, who does not like straight, strong and pearly white teeth? There are a number of dental products and advancements which complement the good dental hygiene in making these aforementioned craved results. Today’s dentists are also able to perform a number of restorative and cosmetic procedures which can drastically enhance the health and the appearance of the mouths of the patients. With increasing at-home dental remedies, many patients take their own dental care into their own hands. In part, this has given way to some of the dental myths which can compromise the dental health and appearance. Given below are some of the common myths about dentistry:

  1. Brushing teeth before dental appointment can make the dentist not notice that the regular brushing is not done since the last visit to him.

Not following the recommended 2- minute brushing two times every day will make your gum swollen, red and bleed easily which makes it very obvious for the dentist. There is no way that the dentist cannot know if you are not brushing your teeth regularly.

  1. Is there’s no visible issue with the teeth, there no need to see the dentist.

Only because your teeth appear healthy does not mean it’s a very good idea to skip the dentist visit. You should go see your dentist two times in a year for dental cleaning and general examination for making sure that the teeth stay healthy and that any kind of dental problems get the treatment before they become serious.

  1. Bleaching is not good for teeth. It weakens them.

We all would like our pearly white teeth to become whiter. Sometimes regular flossing and brushing is not enough. Fortunately, there is a host of the whitening products available through the dentist or over the counter- from pastes to gels to strips- for helping in fooling the Mother Nature and making our teeth look better. However, some people worry that using the bleaching products on their teeth can be inimical and unhealthy of that they can weaken the teeth. The question is, is there really any basis behind this fear? Nope. Bleaching products are usually harmless in case used as per the directions. That is because the teeth bleaching only affect the teeth color, not their strength or health. Bleaching works by the removal of pigmentation of the teeth, else, your teeth may start to appear translucent. Some people can mistake the translucency for the weakening of enamel or damage to teeth. However, that is not the case. It is only a change in the color. Side effects of a lot of bleaching include temporary sensitivity to the tooth and irritated gums. Nonetheless, there is no need of getting scared that using the bleaching products is going to weaken the teeth.

  1. The dentist causes pain

Just as any other health professional, the dentists want to make sure that you are comfortable during your visit to them. As medicine and technology continue to enhance, methods become lesser and lesser painful. The most essential thing when it’s about the painful methods at the dentist is the communication. In case you are uncomfortable, or in case you are experiencing any kind of pain, you should let someone know about it. The dentist can consider using the local anesthetics for numbing the area and keeping your free of pain.

  1. You cannot visit the dentist when you are pregnant

This is an absolute myth! It’s actually quite important that you continue your dental care when you are pregnant because the pregnant women are more likely of developing the gum diseases. It’s an infection of the bones and the gums which surround the teeth.


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