How to Convert DHA License to MOH

How to Convert DHA License to MOH 1

The large scale development in the entire UAE region has been attracting countless professionals and workers from different fields seeking better career opportunities. Amongst these myriad professionals, health care workers arriving in the region are perhaps the highest in number. However, most such professionals are generally unaware of the fact that health care professionals intending to practice in UAE need to possess one of four licenses offered by the different issuing authorities based on the location where they intend to practice. In order to attain these licenses, the healthcare professionals might be required to take an exam for the assessment of their qualifications.

Getting Familiar With The Different Authoritative Bodies 

There are following four licensing bodies in UAE, which grant the appropriate license to health care professionals.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA):

This is the authorizing body of the Dubai government which provides license to the applicants for practicing only in the area of Dubai.

Health Authority Of Abu Dhabi (HAAD):

The license provided by this authority entitles the applicants to practice only in the cities of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Abu Dhabi Ministry Exam (MOH):

Applicants passing the MOH exam are entitled to practice anywhere in UAE, except the Emirates of Dubai Emirates and Abu Dhabi.

Harvard International:

This autonomous authorizing body provides license that enables the health care professionals sponsored by the Government of Dubai, to practice strictly within the Dubai Health Care City free zone area.

Unification Of Licenses

As mentioned above, until quite recently it was not possible for health care professionals having the license from one authority to practice outside a specific area within UAE. This often created complication related to the regulations, laws and procedures governing this noble profession. However, in 2014, the three main licensing authorities of the UAE government signed an agreement for the unification of the licenses being offered by them. This paved the way for the standardization of various aspects of medical services in both public and private sector within the country. It also provided the thousands of medical practitioners confined to working within separate regions of the country the freedom to work anywhere within UAE by simply converting their existing license to that approved by the issuing authority of the area where they intend to practice.

Converting DHA License To MOH 

There is not much to be speculated about how to convert DHA license to MOH as the process is quite similar to converting DHA to HAAD and comprises of the following.

  • The applicants should have been working using their DHA license for no less than 6 months at the time of application.
  • They need to activate their DHA license by using their eligibility letter. This requires them to upload a specific set of documents on to the MOH website along with the payment of predefined amount in lieu of processing fees.
  • The applicants also need to provide their labour card or job offer letter along with a malpractice insurance letter.

The whole process is generally completed in a period of 5 working days, although it can be sped up by payment of additional fees. Moreover, the amount of fees charged from physicians and doctors is different from the amount charged from nurses, allied health care and TCAM workers.

The documents to be submitted by the applicants for successful conversion of the license include the following.

  • No-objection certificate from the current facility, with the stamp and signature of the Medical Director
  • Job offer letter from the hiring facility that is no more than 3 months old and includes the professional title, facility stamp and signature of Medical Director
  • PSV report if available
  • Valid copy of passport along with passport size photograph
  • A medical fitness test certificate for applicants above 65 years of age
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