Cool Off The Heat This Summer With These Healthy And Colorful Drinks

Cool Off The Heat This Summer With These Healthy And Colorful Drinks 1

Summer is a time when most people want to seek different means to get some relief from the scorching heat. Enjoying a refreshing swim in a pool is one of the most popular methods adopted by people to keep their body cool. At the same time there are several others who just like to lounge around a pool and sip a refreshing drink. Sadly most such drinks are laced with sugar and other ingredients that have damaging health effects besides making you look out of shape. However, you can now enjoy a relaxing session under the shade of a poolside palms while sipping the below mentioned healthy summer drinks that also help to keep ward off the heat.

Orange Pomegranate Green Tea

This drink is not only skin friendly but also helps you keep your calories under control. The drink contains only 112 calories for every serving of 12 once which is far less than any average cold drink. It is not only extremely refreshing and tasty but also provides you the combined health benefits which are obtained by taking the various ingredients individually.

Sparkling Lime Mint Quencher

If you are looking for a non-alcoholic drink that tastes superb and is equally refreshing, then this is just the right drink for you. The sparkling drink makes up for the absence of alcohol and provides you the bubbly kick to get you going. It cuts the sugar and calories while keeping you hydrated and refreshed. The unique combination of lemon and mint ensures that you feel cool and quenched from within and it is even safe for kids to enjoy giving them an adult like feeling.

Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

Even though the simple homemade lemonade is a refreshing and healthy drink in its own sense, you can add a bit of fun and color to it with this drink. This light flavored thirst quencher uses just the right amount of strawberries to enhance the taste and add the beautiful pinkish tinge to your regular lemonade. You can choose to add a bit of sweetener according to your taste and preference.

Watermelon Chiller With Mint

Combining the goodness of watermelon juice with the cooling effects of mint is a great and refreshing way to enjoy your drink. In addition, to helping you fight the burning heat the drink also provides cleansing and detoxing benefits. The extremely light and refreshing drink is just what you need to spend a comfortable afternoon under a shady tree or enjoy an evening on the poolside with friends. The drink provides your body with enough fiber and also minimizes your craving for refined carbohydrates.

Cucumber And Melon White Sangria

This refreshing drink is essentially a healthy cocktail that offers the benefits of cucumber and melon besides adding a tinge of taste with the fruity white wine and zesty liquor in just the right amount. Completing the recipe is just a tinge of basil leaves that add to the cooling effect of the drink and make is just the right choice to enjoy an outing under the sun. In case you do not prefer liquor or wine, you can add regular sweeteners to the drink.

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