Creaky joint pains become better with ways to prevent Arthritis

Creaky joint pains become better with ways to prevent Arthritis 1

When you are young, you are healthy and active and walking about seems easy for that age. But, as time passes, you begin to grow old and so does your body. Your body goes through some major changes which make it difficult for you to adjust.

Some changes prove to be good where as some shake the body to an extreme. Arthritis is one such change that shakes your knee joints unexpectedly and leads to a position where you may end up in disability. Some types of Arthritis like Osteoarthritis, Gout and Rheumatoid Arthritis are some modifiable risk factors we need to look into too. There are some ways in which prevention of Arthritis can help us live a hail and hearty life style in this world of junk food:-

Exercise regularly:
It is a good habit to get into Yoga which helps to release the joint pains and make you feel better. On the contrary, you can also visit physiotherapy centres which keep your joints intact. You can also focus a little on water exercises like swimming helping you to stay active.

Let the body light:
Your body weight plays a really important role in your cure. Excess body weight is one of the major reasons for Arthritis creating excess pressure for your joints to handle. Women are advised to avoid wearing heels as a little shake will lead to a big fall and a massive injury.

Move in the sun!
The trick is simple. You need to move out in the sun and get some Vitamin D in your body. They say Vitamin D benefits out weigh the risks of Arthritis. So move out and make your body better with a little more intake of milk for your bones and increase in calcium too.

Water is life:
Drink lots of water and juices in order to avoid fainting and injuring yourself. Sometimes, injuries by accidents or weakness also lead to Arthritis problems. We have something called cartilage in our body which require a lot of water and keep it strong. A daily intake of 1 litre for every 20 kilograms according to your body weight will avoid trouble for the coming years.

General Check-ups:
Such problems are found more in women than women because of the cartilage muscle in our body. Men have stronger bones as compared to women and thus we have more cases of knee replacement surgeries in women than men.

Arthritis is becoming one of the increasing problems seen in men and women both. Right now the correct measure is to focus on its prevention. Cartilage muscles can also lead to ligament tears which is harmful for a long run in life. Science has not reached a stage where an exact cure can be made out. But, for problems related to Arthritis we need to take care about every simple issue related to it. Regular check-ups will help the doctor suggest better methods for cure to this knee joint issue. So, the main cure lies in maintaining a healthy weight, less of alcohol consumption and smoking and finally a healthy diet can help us avoid such problems of Arthritis.


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