Different Colors Of Urine And What They Indicate About Your Health

Different Colors Of Urine And What They Indicate About Your Health 1

Urination is a natural way used by the body to remove excess water and waste products from our body.  Most of us do not give a second thought to the color of the urine we pass out on a regular basis. This prevents us from becoming aware of the various health issues that might be developing inside our body before we become seriously ill. Under the normal healthy conditions, the urine we pass is generally of a transparent yellow color. However, the color might change according health conditions of our body and observing the same can help you to prevent a minor issue from turning into a major one.

Given below are the brief details of the different colors of urine that you might pass and what they indicate about your health condition.

Yellow Colored Urine:

If you have been passing out yellow colored urine for the past few days, it generally means that you are not drinking enough liquid. In case your liquid intake is just right, you might be losing it through excessive sweating.  Increasing your liquid intake will not only resolve this problem but will also prevent the more serious issue of dehydration.

Dark Yellow Urine:  

Your urine may turn dark yellow in color in case you are taking some specific medicines that might damage your liver in the long run. It is important to seek immediate medical advice if your urine is dark yellow in color as it can also be indicative of the initial stages of a severe health issue like hepatitis.

Pink Or Reddish Urine:

Consuming foods that contain natural red dye or pigment might cause you to pass pink or reddish urine for one or two days. However, if the color does not return to normal after this duration, it might indicate problems in the urinary system, including kidney stones, which might cause the blood to get mixed with urine.

Orange Urine:

If you are consuming medication for getting relief from different types of urinary problems, then your urine might turn orange in color. In addition, consuming carrots or even carrot juice in excess can also give an orange tinge to your urine.  You might also be suffering from a liver condition or problem of bile duct, so it is advisable to seek the opinion of a trusted medical professional.

Blue Or Green Urine:

This color of the urine generally results due to the presence of a common dye in the medication meant for treating urinary problems. This color can also be caused by the excessive consumption of foods containing artificial coloring or even due to eating asparagus in large quantities.

Black Urine:

The black color of the urine is almost always caused due to the benign effects of medication taken for enhancing iron levels within the body. Other reasons that might cause your urine to take on black color include nitrofurantoin, metronidazole, cascara or senna laxatives, methocarbamol, sorbitol, and the phenol derivative cresol.

Murky Or Cloudy White Urine:

If you have been passing murky white and cloudy urine, you need to consult a doctor immediately as it generally indicates infections of the urinary tract. It can also indicate the presence of kidney stones or the medical condition of Chyluria, which is caused by the presence of chyle in the urinary system.

Completely Transparent Urine:

While many people might suggest that passing transparent urine is indicative of good health, it is not entirely true. The transparent urine means that your liquid intake is in excess of what your body requires and this can lead to loss of vital nutrients and minerals that get dissolved and are passed out with urine.

Having learned about the different colors of urine and their health indications, preventing serious medical problems can be relatively easier.

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