Don’t avoid these signals to your death by Ovarian Cancer

Don't avoid these signals to your death by Ovarian Cancer 1

We all feel life is one bubbly experience which we like to live with full pleasure, leisure and fun. We should feel fortunate enough to live this life given to us rather than thinking of suicides or any other crime. Memories are the most important part to carry on in life as a remembrance of the good and the bad we did. But what if they are hampered with a disease as deadly and incurable?

Cancer is one deadly experience which we all like to avoid, with a thought of living a healthy life. Most of us women think of living a long life but our tough schedule and inappropriate eating habits can land us in trouble someday. We should never avoid any signals or symptoms of pain that we get. Sometimes what we take lightly may turn out to be a type of cancer which is difficult to cure at later stages of life. Ovarian cancer is one such type which gets worse in a short period of time if not detected on time.

Ovarian cancer may seem to be mild in the beginning with its symptoms. The doctor and patient both might not be able to detect it at first. But some preventive signs mentioned below will help us understand these signals towards a slow death by ovarian cancer. Firstly, if you ever end up with severe abdominal pains, always visit the doctor because the fluid build-up leads to such pains. Secondly, you will notice sudden weight loss or increase from your waist which is difficult to explain. Thirdly, you may experience a total change in your menstrual cycle or menopausal bleeding. You might have a heavy flow of bleeding or discharge which may lead to bad weakness. Gradually, after all these occurrences you may feel some change within your intestinal functions like heavy gas, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, stool which has blood etc. You may also feel tired quite often and this may lead to heavy breathing at times. Finally, the worst problems you may face would be urinary incontinence. This might occur frequently while you may or may not have the urge to urinate more than the normal rate at which you visit a washroom. Apparently, when all these symptoms attack you, not all at a time, but may be at least one of them, it should signal you to visit your gynecologist.

We all seem to be taking life and such body problems easily. But, we should also know that every joke of the body that we make can land us into heavy troubles like cancers or tumors. So, being educated and wise, we should visit the doctor for even the minutest pain we feel in our body. Pain can be consumed with a pill but its effects remain forever. As they say, it is better late than never, women should be regular with their annual body tests in order to avoid such deadly diseases. Even if it is detected, then we should understand one fact that, “Knife may not be the only option, opt for Chemo therapy too”.

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