Why You Should Drink Water on Empty Stomach

Why You Should Drink Water on Empty Stomach 1

Health benefits of drinking water in empty stomach

Drinking water in itself is quite beneficial in many aspects no matter whether your stomach empty or full. Water is simply the best drink that you can have for quenching your thirst and getting rid of many diseases. However, are you aware that drinking water in an empty stomach is quite beneficial? Drinking water on the empty stomach is a tradition which is followed by the Japanese. Water consists of some properties for improving the health. Given below are some benefits of drinking the water on empty stomach:

  1. It cleanses your bowels.
  2. It flushes the toxins out of your body
  3. It prevents head-aches.
  4. It increases hunger
  5. It gives energy
  6. It speeds up the metabolism of the body.
  7. It helps in weight reduction
  8. It improves your skin
  9. It promotes healthy hair
  10. It prevents the kidney stones
  11. It helps in strengthening the immune system

About 70 percent of human body comprises of water and the benefits of water are undeniable for a good health. Water is simply the king of our body and is important for smooth and normal functioning of all the body parts. It is the best drink which can quench your thirst. Drinking water on an empty stomach can cure about all the body problems.

Drinking water in an empty stomach aids in flushing your bowels, your colon and also clears the waste in your body. One glass of Luke-warm water in the morning can help in regularizing the bowel movement. It helps in releasing the toxins from the body through urine and increases your appetite, while also preventing headaches. Drinking eight glasses of 8 oz water in a day can increase your metabolic rate by a minimum of 24 % and gives you energy. It also helps in losing weight and boosting immunity.

Healthy skin

Water helps in eliminating the toxins from your blood which keeps the skin glowing, clear and healthy. Drinking water on empty stomach has a number of health benefits. However, keeping oneself hydrated throughout the day is just as important. Hence, besides drinking two to three glasses of water as soon as you wake up in the morning; make it your routine to have 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day, at regular intervals.

Some recommendations

For consuming water in an empty stomach in the morning, you can consider the given below recommendations:

  1. In case you wish to drink 2 liters of water of four glasses of water, it is best dividing the amount and drink it 4 times in the day. You can begin with drinking one glass of water on empty stomach, then after the breakfast and other 2 glasses at different hours before you have another meal.
  2. As you get used of consuming water on regular basis, it is suggested to begin with small amounts, you can begin drinking one glass of water in empty stomach and you can increase it to 2- 3 gradually.
  3. The water that you drink should be a good quality, hence, check in case the water that is coming out of your faucet is meeting the quality standards of the drinking water, or else, you should get the one which is healthy.
  4. In case you want to complement all the advantages of water for your health with an amazing ally, you can add little lemon juice to your water glass on empty stomach.


A good way of always drinking the correct amount of water every day is by remembering the formula- your weight divided by 66 is the number of liters of water that you should drink.

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