Most Effective Ways To Prevent Migraine Attack Before It Starts

Most Effective Ways To Prevent Migraine Attack Before It Starts 1

Migraine headaches tend to be extremely painful and frustrating, besides causing a major disruption in the lives of people suffering them. Not only do these headaches last longer than most other types of headaches, but they also tend to incapacitate the patients and are often accompanied by other related health issues. Despite being one of the most common ailments, medical researchers have still not been able to pinpoint the cause for migraine. However, they have been able to establish the fact that it is generally initiated by the exposure of the patients to specific triggers. Discussed below are some methods for effectively preventing a migraine attack before it actually starts.

Minimize Exposure To Triggers

One of the most effective ways to prevent the onset of migraine headaches is for the patients to avoid getting exposed to triggers. These might include loud noise, bright light or even smoke etc. The patients should avoid visiting any places r taking part in any activities where the risk of exposure is even moderate. At the same time they should practice building their immunity against these triggers in a gradual manner so as to be able to lead a normal life. However, it is important not to stress themselves too much as excessive stress can also trigger the attack.

Enjoy Proper And Ample Sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to various health issues including the onset of a migraine attack. Therefore, it is important for the patients to get a good night’s sleep of minimum 7-8 hours every day. They should establish a regular schedule for going to bed and waking up and adhere to it in the most stringent manner. In addition, the patients should learn about basic sleep hygiene tips and follow them to develop the habit of enjoying a healthy sleep. These might include things like distressing the mind before going to bed, creating the right ambience to induce sleep and even ensuring comfortable bedding.

Follow A Regular Exercise Routine

Research has proven that exercising regularly can prove as effective in preventing migraine as any medication for the ailment. It is advisable to opt for exercises that suit your body. Most doctors advise aerobics and yoga as the best choice for people who want to keep migraine attacks at bay. However, the choice about the exact type of exercise should be based on the manner in which a patient’s body responds to the same. In case of any problems, it is best for the patients to seek the guidance of a medical professional about which exercises might provide them with the desired results.

Eat The Right Foods

Eating a healthy diet is yet another effective way to prevent the onset of migraine attacks. Foods that are rich in tyramine and nitrites should be avoided as they enhance risk of a migraine attack. The same hold true for foods and drinks with caffeine and alcohol. Smoking should also be avoided to minimize the risk of an attack. Foods such as chocolate, processed meat, cheese, soy products, eggplants, sausage along with drinks like beer, champagne and red wine should be consumed in limited quantities. This is because these foods and beverages are known to be the most common dietary triggers of migraine.

Avoid Stress And Anxiety

Taking too much stress about everything or being too anxious can also cause migraine attacks. That is why patients are advised to avoid both stress and anxiety. Even though controlling these two aspects might seem somewhat difficult, it is not impossible. With gradual practice and patience, the patients can learn to take charge of their emotions and keep stress at bay. They can practice various relaxation techniques including listening to light music, meditation, going for walks, interacting with friends or anything that soothes their mind.


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