Enjoy your favourite cocktails without the guilt

Enjoy your favourite cocktails without the guilt 1

Sun, sea, sand and sangria, my idea of a perfect summer holiday. Well it doesn’t have to be sangria but any number of cocktails. I am a big lover of cocktails and whenever and wherever I go on holiday I make it a point to try out the local cocktails.  The downside of trying out these cocktails is that you start piling on the pounds; first with the laziness as you are on holiday, then the pigging of local delicacies and desserts and to top it all, those so yummy cocktails that you cannot get enough of.

Well I am going to tell you how to enjoy your cocktails and still keep your calorie count under control.

One of my favourite cocktails is pina colada – perfectly mixed coconut cream and pineapple juice in original Jamaican rum. It is so good that you forget how many calories you are consuming.  To still enjoy this cocktail, opt for the nada colada. You get the flavor of all the ingredients of the pina sans the cream.

Opt for half a cocktail rather than a full one as most cocktails are actually quite large.

For those of us who like Mudslide, skip the cream, the whipped cream and the mega helping. Normal mudslide is made with coffee flavoured liquor, vodka, cream or ice cream and chocolate sauce. If you want to enjoy this cocktail without the guilt, opt for a mixture of coffee liquor, chocolate vodka with regular low fat milk.

If you like a shot of the good old Jamaican rum with coke, enjoy with the diet version of Coke. This will bring down the calories considerably.

The same applies to Bacardi and coke. Mix it with diet coke with a sliver of lemon and enjoy it. I am a big fan of Bacardi and Coke.

Try the Whiskey Tea Smash, which has only about 170 calories. This cocktail comprises of bourbon, simple syrup, cold brewed tea, ripe peach and lemon. It’s lovely and refreshing and ideal for any summer party.

Most of us tend to overeat when we have a drink. Sober you can still control what you are eating, but after downing a couple of cocktails you may find yourself overeating on the nuts and the pizzas as alcohol makes you feel hungry as it can lower blood sugar levels.

Alternate alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails so that you can still enjoy your cocktails and keep your calories under control too. This way you will not be accused of being a party pooper because as long as you have a drink in your hand, no one will guess whether it is alcoholic or not.

Try diluting your drink with club soda or tonic water. Try drinking your vodka with club soda with just a dash of cranberry juice and garnish it with a lemon wedge.

Most importantly pace yourself. If you keep on downing drinks one after the other, even the low calorie ones will start adding on those pounds.

Enjoy your cocktails, parties and holidays without thinking of the weight you will be putting on by opting to try low calorie mixers and syrups in your favourite cocktail.

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