Facts About Asthma That You Must Know

Facts About Asthma That You Must Know 1

Key Facts about asthma

Asthma is an airways disease which makes the breathing hard. It causes and inflammation of the air passage which results in temporary narrowing of airways which carry oxygen to the lungs resulting in asthma symptoms. This disease can take a number of forms from a serious attack to just nagging cough. Breathing is such an ingrained and instinctive reflex that you apparently have not given a lot of thought to the ability of your child for exhaling and inhaling. However, breathing is battle for the 7 million children diagnose with asthma. Asthma is a chronic life- threatening disease and it constricts the airways into the lungs. It is the 3rd top most cause of childhood hospitalizations and one top most reason for kids missing he school. Although asthma is the most commonplace and prosaic chronic childhood disease, the parents still have a lot of misconceptions about its risk factors, signs, and the treatments. Let’s have a look at the major facts about this disease:

  1. Cause for asthma is unknown

Medical science is still to determine the actual cause of asthma. They only have recognized the symptoms. It is more likely in the people who have a family history of this disease or a problem of allergy.

  1. Asthma can be congenital

Someone whose parents had asthma has about 30% chance of getting it too. However, if both parents have had this disease, the risk rises to 70%.

  1. The common triggers

The most common triggers for the attack of asthma are air pollution, dust mites, second hand smoke, mold, extreme weather conditions and pets.

  1. Asthma can also be triggered by the non- allergens

An asthma attack can be triggered by the non – allergen factors like exercise, tobacco, smoke, respiratory infections, some medications, and also emotional factors which include crying, stress and even laughing.

  1. 4/5th of the sufferers are children

About half the adults who are suffering from asthma and 4/5th of the kids suffering from this disease also suffer from allergies.

  1. Asthma treatment

The treatment for asthma in the medical science is based on the controlling of the symptoms and resultant complexities, and the condition is known to be incurable. Most commonly recommended form of treatment for asthma includes the use of prescription medication which may involve injection, pills, or a combination of these. You must also keep visiting your physician on regular basis.

  1. Avoiding the disease

The perfect way to avoid asthma complexities like shortness of breath and wheezing is to prevent you from getting in contact with the triggers, whether non- allergic or allergic.

  1. Asthma isn’t contagious

There are people who believe that asthma is communicable. This is not true.

  1. Three hundred million people suffer from this disease

It has been estimated that about 34 million people in the US and about 300 million around the world have been recognized with chronic asthma.

  1. The physical activities may improve the condition

Formerly, physical activity by the children suffering from asthma was considered as harmful. But now, it is believed to be recommended by the doctors. It has been found that the physical activity can aid in improving the strength of the breathing muscles and improving the lungs functioning.

  1. Right treatment can prevent death

Deaths because of asthma are mostly because of the use to very little medication. A lot of times it is reported that deaths could be avoided in case the right treatment plans were followed.

Asthma fatality and socio-economic status are inversely related

In other words, the more underprivileged you are, the more likely you are to die from this disease. It is probably because you may have lesser access to the asthma wisdom, good care and medicine. You are probably also more exposed to the common asthma triggers like dust, pollution, animal dander and cockroaches.


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