Five miracle spices with huge health benefits

Five miracle spices with huge health benefits 1

I like cooking and working with different herbs and spices and bringing out different flavours and experimenting different cuisines. The beautiful clove, the black and beautifully rounded pepper, the orange turmeric and the sweet cinnamon and cardamom add lots of flavor to our food. The smell, colour and taste of the different spices not only make the food full of flavor and tasty but also bring huge health benefits to our body.  Here I will discuss the five spices that we eat in our food as hidden medicines.

  1. TURMERIC – The orange tuber eaten raw in salads or as a pickle is ideal for patients suffering from arthritis and is said to purify blood. When dried and pound to a powder, the uses the endless. Added to curries it not only brings out the beautiful colour usually associated with the dish but also aids in preventing coughs and colds. When my children suffer from coughs, I usually mix turmeric powder with honey and get them to lick the concoction four times a day, and the cough disappears within a couple of days. Turmeric powder is also good for diabetics and helps control blood sugar levels.
  1. GARLIC – Oh no! It smells!! Yes it does; think of its health benefits and the smell will disappear. Eaten raw or added in your dishes, garlic helps to reduce cholesterol, reduces high blood pressure and helps support the immune system. Garlic has antibiotic properties and therefore ideal for combating infections and acne. So don’t worry about the smell; get your lover to eat garlic too and you won’t worry about the kissing.
  1. GINGER – In the cold winter months, I love to add fresh ginger to my morning tea and the sense of contentment I get after having it cannot be explained. It wards the cold away and just like turmeric is great for fighting coughs. It aids in digestion and improves the absorption of nutrients. Consumption of ginger strengthens the immune system. Have ginger honey tea everyday and prevent your arteries from clogging.
  1. CLOVES – The smell and beauty of the cloves is not matched by any other spice. Apart from its beautiful look and rich brown colour , it contains eugenol that works wonders as an anti-inflammant. Cloves are also used for their antiseptic and analgesic properties. Cloves are used in toothpastes too and if you have a toothache put a clove at the site and the ache will disappear. Sucking on the clove juice also helps to alleviate coughing.
  1. CHILLIES – Ssss. That is usually what happens when we add chillies to our food. Chillies rev up your metabolism. Chillies contain capsaicin, which aids in pain relief, improving your heart health and fighting ulcers. Eat chillies with caution else you may have to pay the price the following morning.

Next time you cook, take the boat out and add all these lovely spices to your cooking. You will not only be enhancing the taste of your cooking but you will be helping your family to be happy and healthy with the hidden medicines that you have put inside the food.

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