Foods that help you sleep better

Foods that help you sleep better 1

Mental peace is very difficult to find in today’s generation. All you can see is people running around from home to work place without any break. This leads to improper eating and sleeping habits. Some people may even suffer from insomnia and do anything to drive it away. But, what if life is all normal and you are suffering from sleep because of your eating habits? Food at inappropriate times during the day and night may lead to such a trouble of tossing and turning type sleep. Why not get into an option to choose something that’s healthy and less time consuming?

So, follow a chart which contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, carbohydrates and limited fat intake. You almost have to follow your balanced diet chart once again. There is some high-quality and nutritious foods that help you sleep better rather like a log for some time. Your poor sleep cycle can now be enhanced with healthier food which in turn helps you to relax. It also supports your system functioning and proper digestion of food leading to a sound sleep. There are many other aids that we can get for sleeping well. The last resort in such a case can be the use of sleeping pills. It is strictly prohibited till we don’t find a solution by following the methods mentioned below.

We can begin with the consumption of comfort foods i.e. carbohydrates which include rice, bread, bananas, beans etc. This pulls you to sleep quickly as it’s a heavy dinner or lunch that you have had. Secondly, you can always have milk, cheese and other dairy products which are also successful in inducing sleep. Food items like Broccoli, Oats, sesame seeds etc. march on towards increasing calcium and magnesium in your body. These supplements look after your muscle growth as well as change your sleeping habits. Some hormones like melatonin and tryptophan are also responsible for increasing the itchiness to sleep. Foods like cherries, fish, turkey, spinach and many more are helpful in this process. The best is the combination of carbohydrates and proteins which creates insulin. This helps to make way for tryptophan to enter our brains, relax the muscles and stop any barriers to sleep. A heavy snack like oats with bananas or almonds or a cereal dinner with apple and bananas surely puts you to bed within like an hour of eating it. So if all these things are not in your diet, then add them before it’s too late to realize how and why you are losing sleep.

Well, it’s not always the rich food; we can even have some health problems like obesity, thyroid, insomnia, unhealthy diet plans, inappropriate food timings, stress etc. All of these can also be a reason for lack of sleep which makes us more lethargic towards work. Our parents always treated us with a good diet plan until we destroyed it with the ingestion of junk foods. Remember the time when we get those good old days sleep back the childhood days? The answer is the warm milk with yummy bournvita which made plain milk even tastier. So, let’s follow a healthy diet to induce sleep.

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