Foods you never knew were full of sugar

Foods you never knew were full of sugar 1

How many times do we eat food thinking it is healthy? By healthy I mean as in free from sugars, fats and low in calories. Did you know that some of these “healthy” foods and even drinks are actually full of sugar? Not only that you have been consuming them in tons under the category of “healthy eating” and munching and them away day and night. Let us have a look at these so called healthy and low calorie foods and drinks that are not that but full of sugar.

  1. Flavoured Yogurts – Many of us and eat flavored yogurts when we are dieting; it is full of calcium and protein. Yogurt is said to be one of the ideal snacks when hungry. In fact we even encourage our children to eat it saying how good it is for them and that they will have healthy teeth and bones. Unfortunately flavored yogurts are full of sugar. In fact the sugar content is more than what we would have added ourselves. If you have to eat yogurt, try and make your own or have Greek yogurt.
  1. Energy Drinks – How we all love these. My favorite is Red Bull. When we need a quick energy fix, out comes the can and we down it in seconds. So apart from giving us that quick energy boost, they also give us lots of sugar that our body doesn’t really need. Some of us will say that they are not sweet! True, but they contain a lot of sugar, almost as much as a bar of chocolate.
  1. Protein Bars – Every morning or evening we go to the gym, have a good work out and after our shower, out comes our favorite snack – protein bars. Isn’t that what body builders eat? Yes but although they are advertised to be healthy for people who are conscious of what they are eating, these bars are full of sugar. So do away with those protein bars and eat almonds or seeds.
  1. Fruit Juices – You hear a lot of people saying that they do not consume fizzy drinks as they are unhealthy. They just have fruit juices. Well here is some bad news for all those who think fruit juices are a healthier alternative. The sugar content of these juices is a whopping 32g for every 8oz glass. Time to look for a healthier drink, don’t you think?
  1. Dried Fruit – An ideal snack for all ages and at all times. Not anymore. Much as we like our dried pineapples, bananas, watermelon and cranberries, these fruits are usually coated in refined sugar. If you like to indulge in dry fruit, try and eat apples, figs, prunes, raisins and mangoes. Not only will they give you your daily dose of vitamins, fibre and minerals, they are low in sugar content.

Let’s learn a lesson after reading this. Always read the labels of all these so called low calorie health products before buying them; check that there are no added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

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