How to get Dubai DHA License for Health Professionals ?

How to get Dubai DHA License for Health Professionals  ? 1

DHA License for Health Professionals 

When it comes to Health the first point of contact is your local clinic or nearby hospital. The reason behind visiting them is to cure your suffering. These hospitals and clinics have to avail required licenses to be operational and so do the professionals who work there. One of the mandatory requirements for doctors and health professional is to get a DHA (Dubai Health Authority) license.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) issue licenses to all Medical professionals in Dubai. The procedure involves fees for the exam, training courses and ministry approvals required from different departments. Doctors must obtain specific licenses depending on whether they are applying as an intern, general practitioner, specialist, consultant or resident doctor. In the same manner, dentists must obtain specific licenses depending on whether they are interns, general dentists, consultants, specialists or resident dentists. Even Nurses are required to obtain their license depending on the type, like for a registered nurse, registered midwife, mental health nurse, pediatric nurse, nurse practitioner, assistant nurse or community nurse. It is to be noted that even alternative medical practitioners such as auyervedic, homeopathy, osteopathic medicine, naturopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and Unani medicine are also required to obtain the required license.

Who can apply and how?

All health-care professionals including doctors, dentists, pharmacists, technicians and traditional practitioners have to get DHA license.

Documents Required

The required documents to start the application process for licensing system in Dubai are the following:

To complete the online application via the DHA online licensing system a copy of the following documents must be uploaded along with the application form:

1.     Medical degree
2.       Specialty certificate by recognized body (if applying for specialist/consultant title).
3.       Valid license to practice in UAE.
4.       Letter(s) of all clinical experience or certificate(s) issued by the facility of practice and signed by the Human Resources Department, or Medical Director.
5.       Good Standing Certificate (GSC) issued by the medical council/association from the country of last employment (Certificates are only valid for six (6) months from date of issue).
6.       Log book (for surgical specialties only).
7.       Passport
8.       One (1) colored passport photograph.

All documents must be translated to English (Legal Translation)

All the required information and procedure is openly made available by the government of UAE. Follow the below guidelines for your quick reference.

  1. First step starts with registering yourself on
  2. Upload the required certificates and copy of your Passport
  3. Apply for the required professional license
  4. Use the reference no. given while registering to track your application.
  5. Pay online the required fees pertaining to the license your have applied for.
  6. Booking of examination will be confirmed after payment is done.
  7. Once your pass the exam, register yourself with a Healthcare facility
  8. Issue Malpractice license
  9. As a final stage License would be issued.

However, the information pertaining to application of DHA license is provided in brief but it is sufficient. There are many FAQs, which can be read and understood in order to have a clear understanding.

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