Getting Familiar With The Ailments That Alcohol Abuse Can Lead To

Getting Familiar With The Ailments That Alcohol Abuse Can Lead To 1

Consuming excessive alcohol can cause serious health issues and even though most men are aware of this fact they tend to conveniently ignore it. This is because alcoholics believe that the worst manner in which alcohol abuse can affect them is by killing them. However, this is not so as there are several other painful health issues that can be caused by too much drinking, which can in turn make life a living hell. Listed below are some of these ailments that can be caused by alcohol abuse.


Not many people are aware of the fact that regularly consuming alcohol beyond the permissible limit can lead to a significant reduction in the number of red blood cells within the body. This can cause anemia and make the individuals suffer from problems such as fatigue, shortness of breath and even nausea and lightheadedness. This hinders the normal functioning of individuals in their everyday life and often makes them seek the help of others for performing even the simplest tasks.


 Alcohol abuse can speed up the natural process of shrinking of the brain with age. This can lead to memory loss and even cause the symptoms of dementia in individuals. Alcoholics can find themselves incapable of planning things making decisions and judgments, or solving problems or performing any other executive functions. These symptoms can be further enhanced by the nutritional deficiency which is also caused by excessive alcohol intake.


Seizures and epileptic attacks are also common among people who suffer from alcohol abuse. These attacks can take occur even when such individuals have no history of the disease and are otherwise healthy. In case of individuals already suffering from epilepsy, alcohol abuse can negate the effects of medications that are used for curing convulsions and seizures.


This extremely painful ailment which causes swelling of the feet and makes movement almost impossible, results from the formation of uric acid crystals in the joints. Although this ailments, is known to be hereditary in nature it is also found in people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol. In case patients already suffering from the disease, the consumption of alcohol aggravates the ailment in a significant manner.

Infectious Diseases

Given the fact that alcohol abuse tends to suppress the immune system, it is not surprising that the individuals having this problems are more likely to catch infections faster. According to studies heavy drinking increases the risk of individuals being victimized by sexually transmitted diseases almost three times besides affecting their fertility and overall sexual performance. In addition, it also makes the individuals easily susceptible to other infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia and flu etc.

Nerve Damage

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to specific nerve damage which is also known by the name of alcoholic neuropathy. This disease results from the fact that alcohol is toxic for nerve cells and the nutritional deficiencies caused by heavy drinking often lead to nerve function disorders.  The ailment produces a painful sensation of pins and needles in individuals and also causes numbness in their limbs. It can also lead to weakness of muscles and other problems such as incontinence, constipationerectile dysfunction, etc.

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