Hair-Growth Drugs May Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Hair-Growth Drugs May Cause Erectile Dysfunction 1

If you are worried about the receding hairline of yours or have tried all the consumer drugs and cosmetic products available in the market, believe it using drug will only enhance your problem in some other way. Receding hairline, hairless, increases in the baldness ratio is a general problem between men. This problem has escalated in the last decade because of the environmental factors and the pollution levels surrounding us. If we compare ourselves with our elders or ancestors who lived in the past century have never ever complained about these matters. The key factor for their proper health in the absence of the popular beauty products and cosmetics which are now available in abundance was their lifestyle and environment. Those who lived in villages were more open to the dust and sunlight yet the beauty of their external attributes were no match for today’s people.

The key resin for this was the sheer labour and physical work did by them and all the absence of any type of mental strain. In today’s chaotic lifestyle the amount of physical work is on a decline and the count of mental exhaustion is on an incline at the same rate or much higher. These mental strain and exhaustion cause the hair loss, baldness and receding hairline which is a common problem in men. The much bigger problem which comes as a consequence of the retaliatory measure for curbing the hair loss is erectile dysfunction. Recent studies have found that the drugs administered for the reversing of hair loss can cause serious erectile dysfunction in men.

What are the causes?

Out of the recent studies, it was found that men who use drugs to combat this problem have seen good results in reversing the problem but a new condition of erectile dysfunction has resulted due to this. The two drugs responsible for this are the finasteride and dutasteride. These two drugs are also used in hair products which claim to provide hair gain. The presence of finasteride in body can cause the chance of erectile dysfunction five times more than any other drug for the prostate. While the results or conclusion of the study may prove to be concerning for most of the common folks, the actual study does not represent such type of repercussions. Both the drugs finasteride and dutasteride are used to cure cancerous prostate in males. The injection of these drugs in male body depletes the level of testosterone and slows the formation of male reproduction hormone which leads to erectile dysfunction in some cases.

What does the study involve?

At first, the sample of the men was taken from different parts of the country through surveying. Since it is a hush-hush issue thus many of the men were not able to comfortably about the topic. The disposition and hesitation of the men to talk about this genuine problem was a big hindrance in the collection of the sample data. Thus online portals and survey were done which made them believe about the anonymity of them.  Some were able  to talk but under the societal pressure and various dogmas were not able to express themselves in free and comfortable way. Out of this sample survey, some of the men were hand picked to observe the experimental data.

An exhaustive health check-up  was conducted which included all the clinical trials and medical tests for correct and precise evaluation of the changes. The samples were given both the conditions as before using the drug and after using the drug.


The results showed that the use of the drug causes the erectile dysfunction in men. It increases the risk and even in young men who use the drug finasteride for removal of baldness have increased chances of erectile dysfunction. Thus it is very important to recognize the risks if erectile dysfunction as a concerned side effect of the hair gaining drug. There may a little bit of media exaggeration regarding the use of the drug but the concluding result is that you have to refrain from its use as much possible.

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