Hairstyles To Invest In For That Lazy Girl In You

Hairstyles To Invest In For That Lazy Girl In You 1

Not all of us are a morning person. Even if some of us are, there are some days in our life where we are too lazy to do anything. It can be anything, from preparing breakfast for yourself to making tea, to ironing your clothes, it can be anything and everything in this world. There is also a point when you do not even want to do your hair. But at the same time, you do not want to step out of the house just like that. When it comes to morning, you would never want to invest your times in making those stylish hairstyles and would be rather looking for something that is quick and saves you time. So, here we tell you about some of those hairstyles, that look good but are at the same time are so time saving.

  1. French braid to knot :

Take a small section from the side of your hair and tie it. Flip your hair down and brush your hair now. Make sure that you applying a styling gel so that your hair stays intact. Take a small section from your nape and start braiding that part of your hair. As you reach the top, and secure the end with the help of a small hair band. Release the front section and then tie that part with your braid itself. This will form a high ponytail.

  1. Holiday Hairstyle :

When you have washed your hair, use a little thickening mousse. With the help of an iron, make sure that you create ringlets around your hair. You can also curl the ends of your hair. There is a catch to this, the position of the curler has to be such that the curls are formed facing your face. You can also spray your favourite spray after you are done.

  1. Easily twisted up-do :

Part your hair from the center and take a section and clip it. The part of your hair that you have left loose should be taken now and twisted a little. The twisted part should be now made into a bun and clip the bun now. Now, take the second side and take a very small segment from the front. Twist this part now. Now, take all the hair from the bottom and twist the same. Take this side also and add it to the bun that you have made and pin the bun now.

  1. Five minute bun :

First of all, braid your hair. Once you are done, take one of the three strands of your braid and push the rest to the top. As you do this, you will see a design that is formed and now is the time to pin that braid. What is now left is a tail, pin that too along with that design that has been formed.

  1. Half up hairstyle :

Pick a very small section of your hair from the side of your ear. And braid that section now. Take a small hair band and tie this part. Do the same thing on the other side of the ear. Take both the braids and join them at the back of your hair. And you can untie the braid from the part where you tied them and let it loose.

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