Health Benefits Of Lentils

Health Benefits Of Lentils 1

Lentils and its health benefits: In the recent times, lentils have become a delicious staple in diet of many people. It is high in nutrition and low in calories. These are the ideal legume for eating in the summer in spreads; summer, for cracker and crudite, and as an item on the vegetarian dinner plate. Undoubtedly, people tend to gravitate towards the foods which are easy for cooking, and lentils are simply a hassle- free compliment to any meal. Earthy and nutty in flavor, lentils consist of high nutritional value which anyone can benefit from by just incorporating this healthy legume in their diet.

Facts about lentils

Given below are some key points about lentils. Check these out!

  1. Lentils are an amazing natural source of manganese and folate.
  2. These are an economical protein source.
  3. The evidence suggests that they protect the heart health.
  4. Lentils are also easy to prepare, nutritious and versatile ingredient.

Selecting and storing lentils

Lentils are usually available in the pre-packaged containers and also as bulk bins. This ensures its maximum freshness. Whether you are purchasing the lentils in bulk or in a packaged container, ensure that there is no evidence of insect damage or moisture and that the lentils are not cracked and are whole.


A lentil cup gives 87% iron which men need every day and 38% of the amount a woman requires. The body uses the iron for producing RBCs and adenosine triphosphate (ATP). People who are deficient of iron may develop neurological issues or anemia like attention- deficit hyper-activity disorder. The iron in lentils are non- heme iron which is a kind of iron which isn’t absorbed as easily as the heme iron in fish, poultry and meat. You can increase the iron amount you get from the lentils by eating the legumes with meat or with some rich source of Vitamin C. serve the lentils in the braises or meat – based soups , or toss them in the salads featuring leafy, dark greens and orange or the grapefruit segments.

Amazing for muscle generation

Our muscles and organs require a constant protein supply for growth and repair of the body. Lentils, specifically sprouted lentils consist of all the important amino acids which are required by the body for smooth body functioning and good muscle- building.

Nutritional facts about lentils

The scientific name of lentil is Lens Culinaris. It is a member of the legume plant family. It is considered an edible pulse. It grows on a bushy yearly plant which produces edible lens- shaped seeds inside the pods.1 cup of cooked lentils consist of:

  • 18 g protein
  • 230 calories
  • 15 g fiber
  • 5 g sugar
  • 358 mg folate
  • Less than 1 g fat
  • 1 mg manganese
  • 6 mg iron
  • 356 mg phosphorus
  • ½ mg thiamine
  • 731 mg potassium
  • 71 mg magnesium
  • 4 mg vitamin B6
  • 5 mg zinc
  • 3 md vitamin B5

Here are a few things which you need to know before you can embrace this little legume. Lentils come in various colors and shapes. Once it is cooked, it offers an array of textures, which means that the lentils which you are looking for are going to depend on the dish. You do not require to pre rinse the lentils like you do with the beans. However, they still take some time to whip up- about 20 to 30 minutes, depending entirely on the kind. In case you are in a hurry, purchase them canned or frozen and only wash them off first for wiping any extra sodium.

Now that you know all the advantages of the lentils and the things you should keep in mind while getting it from the market, you can plan your diet properly and lead a healthy and fit life.



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