Herbal Remedies to Cure Urinal Tract Infections

Herbal Remedies to Cure Urinal Tract Infections 1

Herbal remedies for UTI

Are you suffering from frequent and painful UTIs? You may just be surprised by what all you can do at home for treating this discomfort. Taking anti-biotic is not the only way of getting over the symptoms of UTI (urinary tract infection). Some remedies do not need any prescription- and can be done right at your home along with any other treatment recommended to you by your doctor. However, it is essential to be cautious with the DYIs home solutions. Also, make sure that you check in with your doctor too before you try any new strategy. For instance, mixing water with baking soda as a drink for helping fight UTI can be risky in case you drink too much of it. About 5% baking soda-related poisonings in California between the year 2000 and 2012 were from drinking soda for treating UTI, according to a research.

A UTI is a common condition and it can surely be treated with home remedies. In some cases, the home remedies for urinary tract infection can be enough for easing the symptoms and quickening the recovery. Before depending on the home remedies, though, it’s always better to speak with your doctor first.

Home remedies for UTI

1.     Drink lot of fluids

Drinking fluids or water all through the day aids in flushing the bacteria from your system. A study conducted in the year 2013 found that the chronic low fluid intake can be an essential factor in pathogenesis of the UTIs- one of the many reasons for staying hydrated.

2.     Urinate often

Urinating often and at the times when the urge arises helps in ensuring that bacteria are not growing in your urine which stays in the bladder. It is also essential to urinate soon after sex so as to flush out bacteria which may have entered your urethra.

3.     Keep clean and dry

Women must wipe from front to back, particularly after taking a dump. This ensures that the bacteria do not get into your urethra.

4.     Avoid spermicides

Spermicides can increase the irritation and can allow the bacteria to grow. Using the lubricated condoms can also be the cause of irritation. Hence, go for lubricated condoms which don’t have spermicides.

5.     Pro-biotics

Due to the development of the resistance to bacteria, one of the most up-and – coming home remedies for the urinary tract infection, especially the recurring UTIs is the probiotics. Benign bacterial flora is very important for the prevention of the overgrowth of the micro-organisms which lead to illness.

6.     Cranberry

According to some studies, the cranberry juice can help in decreasing the number of urinary tract infections which a person can develop in a period of 12 months, especially for women. Although there is mixed or limited evidence about the ability of cranberry to manage the symptoms of UTI, there is evidence that these can be as the preventive strategy.

7.     Garlic

Allicin, which is one of the active principles of the freshly crushed raw garlic, has an array of antimicrobial activities. In its crude form, it can be found to showcase antibacterial activity against a broad range of bacteria, including the multi-drug resistant strains of the E.c oli.

8.     D- mannose

It is a kind of sugar which is related to glucose. It is on this list of the home remedies for UTI because it can help in preventing some bacteria from sticking to the wall of urinary tract.

9.     Vitamin- C

This one makes the urine more acidic and prevents the growth of E.coli along with improving the immune function. Researchers found that the treatment of vitamin C for a period of 3 months can reduce urinary infections and improve the health level of a gestating woman.


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