Hernia Repair- The Must Know Information

Hernia Repair- The Must Know Information 1

Everything you should know about Hernia repair: Hernia occurs when an internal tissue or an organ breaks through any hole in the muscles. Herniorrhaphy or the hernia repair surgery involves returning the removed or the deranged tissues to their appropriate place. It is a kind of surgery where a mesh- patch is sewn on the weak region of the tissue. This surgery is among the most performed surgeries.

Tissues and muscles are what keeps the organs intact and holds them in place within the body. Hernia is a condition in which an organ, because of many different reasons, gets dislocated and part of it is protruded through the tissues and muscle openings which holds it. Hernias are mostly linked with intestines which may push through the weak points in the abdomen wall which carries it. Other than the abdomen, hernia can develop in different body parts as well like belly, thighs and in the groin region as well. Depending on the location of its occurrence, hernias have been classified in various categories.

About hernia repair surgery

Hernia repair surgery has been around for years which mean that conventional method have been improved while new materials and options have been developed. Even though not all the methods are correct for all kinds of hernias, they all have common aim: to give the strongest repair and minimum chance of re-occurrence with minimum possible discomfort and earliest recovery. This surgery is generally recommended for all the inguinal hernias so as to avoid complications like strangulation- in which a loop of intestine become tightly wrapped and in turn cuts the supply of blood to that part of the intestine.

Surgery can be done as per the convenience of the person in case the hernia in the adult can be pushed back. In case it can’t be, then the surgery must be done as soon as possible. However, the surgery may not be required in case the hernia is small and there are no symptoms. You must consult your doctor if you’re deciding If you need the surgery or not.

Do I need hernia repair surgery?

Your doctors are most likely to recommend you the surgery if any of these is the case:

  • The tissue (like intestine, for example) is trapped in the abdominal wall. This is known as incarceration. If this is left untreated, it can result in strangulation which means the supply of blood to the tissue is cut off.
  • The hernia is strangulated. This can lead to permanent damage or even death. You should call your doctor immediately in case you have nausea or fever. The sudden pain in this case keeps in getting worse or the hernia can turn purple, dark or red. You will need emergency surgery.
  • The hernia causes discomfort or pain or when it starts to grow bigger.

Types of surgeries

Open repair:

In this kind of surgery, the surgeon makes an incision and pushes the hernia back in its place behind the muscle wall. Then the wall is reinforced with synthetic mesh or stitches. Due to the larger incision of the open repair, recovery time can be somewhat longer than for laparoscopic because of the normal post-surgical discomfort and pain. These symptoms can be relieved by medication.


In laparoscopic surgeries, a laparoscope, i.e. a telescope-like camera is inserted in the abdomen through a few tiny incisions. The abdomen is then inflated with carbon-di-oxide gas for viewing the site and then the surgeon attaches a mesh patch for reinforcing the weakened area. The post-surgical marks are very less and are even barely visible after a few months. The recovery time is quite shorter, sometimes even within 12 hours. Laparoscopic surgery is a good option in case you are worried about the recovery time and the appearance of the area after the surgery.


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