Homemade Face Masks that Actually Work

Homemade Face Masks that Actually Work 1

Women are the best scientists when it comes to experimenting on various homemade face masks. They never doubt the fact that it may turn wrong but they find ways to make it right and useful. They Google each and every remedy before they make it successful. Hats off to all the women for inventing such homemade face masks that actually worked. They are surely making us glow even during the scorching summer heat. So let’s look at those face masks from rose to honey, which make every touch of our skin smooth.

  1. Honey face mask: This is the most preferred face mask by women due to its feature of stickiness. This helps your skin to extract all the dirt and acne which make you look dull. Honey face masks are really good for dry as well as sensitive skins.
  1. Papaya face mask: Papaya is the best antioxidant for your face as it pulls out all the dead and dry cells off your face and refreshes every cell within your face. You are just a blend away and the puree does the remaining work for your deadly skin to get alive.
  1. Cocoa effect: Cocoa and yogurt are the best combinations to stop your skin from aging by reducing the puffiness on your face. Yogurt helps to retain and moisturize the skin long lost. All you need to do is smile, when you are done using it.
  1. The O2 mask: Here O2 stands for Onion and Oatmeal which when mixed together releases you from all the old acne, pores and scars round your nose. It is more beneficial if you use green clay to thicken the base and keep it for a long time.
  1. Egg’s white works wonders: I just feel weird putting this white surface of the egg on my hair forget the face. But, at the end of the day olive oil with the white egg affects your thin facial tissues and makes them stronger in volume.
  1. The RO Mask: Rose water and Oatmeal powder lighten all your tension by pulling the worst phases of dirt from all the tiny corners of your face. It’s the best relaxation technique where your face and mouth both are at rest and you end up looking prettier than before.
  1. Mayonnaise Mask: This is one of the best self-tested homemade face masks according to me. I personally feel that it’s worth a shot than wasting money on buying things and wasting time preparing them. Your face shines with all the radiance you need to enlighten the heart of your beloved!

Homemade face masks were actually an Ayurvedic approach used by sages in the olden times like sandalwood mask. But, to my surprise, we still use these homemade remedies for our skins and to provide it with the blush it needs. These face masks that actually work surely lie in the hands of the maker who puts his intelligence and creativity to create a new you. So, sit back and relax while the face masks work their wonders in changing your look.

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