Wish to Know How to Boost Your Brain Power? Read This!

Wish to Know How to Boost Your Brain Power? Read This! 1

Boosting Brain Power

Researchers have recently found out that one training method which is often used in the scientific studies can aid in improving working memory. Working memory is what we use on everyday basis, especially in the work context or in school. It refers to the ability to understand new info and adapting the responses accordingly, over small time periods.

Is there any way by which we could train our brains so as to improve the working memory? A current or and extant subjective and reasonable task can be the answer, according to researchers. Researchers have recently found that a brain-training method often used in the scientific studies can aid in improving the working memory.

Working memory

Working memory is the main part of the learning process. It is connected to numeracy and literacy abilities. Hence, it not a surprise that the scientists have been fact-finding whether there are any recipes for accomplishment and achievement when it comes to enhancing the working memory.

There are a number of programs out there which claim to aid improves your brain function.  Till date, none of these programs have come out be effective. However, researchers of Johns Hopkins recently compared 2 exercises believed to improve the brain power, particularly your ‘working memory’ and not your IQ, which can aid you in handling many school and work- related tasks easier.

Relation between sex and improved memory

It is kind of interesting that what most of the people consider being normal routine is actually helpful in improving the memory. From having morning cup of coffee, to going for quick workout to eating lean meat or veggies for the meal, all these activities are linked to developing a better memory. Why not add sex as well to this list?

Even though it may sound very strange, according to some researches made, sexual intercourse helps in improving the memory. Apart from the cardio that we get from sex, our verbal skills also get the benefit. Even though extra studies are needed, preliminary research does in fact discover a relation between verbal memory capacity and sex.

Training exercises for boosting brain power

One of the 2 brain-training methods which most of the scientists use in their research is significantly better in enhancing attention and memory. It also results in more powerful and critical changes in the activity of the brain.

Power foods for brain and red wine

Do the multi-vitamins increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease?  Can mental clarity be improved by sweet potato?

A research team recently examined resveratrol which is found in the red wine. Its effect on the blood flow is also being studied. The researchers believe that this substance can boost the mental function by increasing the flow of blood to the brain. They also are willing to test this theory with the help of some healthy volunteer subjects.

Improvement of working memory

Our working memory keeps on developing throughout our childhood and peaks in the adulthood period. Even though the researches have shown that there are some ways of strengthening the brain and improving the working memory- for a short time span anyway- working memory naturally gets to declining in the older age. However, as we can see, there’s no harm in training the brain for more efficiently using the resources of the memory. One of theory about working memory is that its capacity is limited which means we can only keep so much of info on hand at a time.

In everyday life, working memory functions in an effective way in the life. As the researchers discover more about its link to the cognitive function and the consciousness, we can continue to expect to get surprised by the power of our memory.


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