How to Build Strength and Stretch With a Stability Ball

How to Build Strength and Stretch With a Stability Ball 1

Proper exercise and workout is the key to enjoying a fit and healthy life. In order to get the best benefits of exercising, it is also important to use the right kind of fitness tools and equipment. The different types of fitness tools help you to use gravity in different ways and challenge yourself according to your fitness goals. One of the simplest fitness tools that can enhance the challenge and effectiveness of any exercise is the stability ball. When used in the right manner, this tool can help in building strength and toning your muscles.

What is a stability ball?

A stability ball, which is also referred to as the swiss ball or balance ball is a large inflated ball that is often seen in gyms, yoga studios and other types of health centers. It is most commonly used for performing core muscle exercises, stretching and strength training. It is also effective in helping develop the balance amongst athletic trainers and people working in the field of physical fitness and training.

The stability ball is considered to be one of the most versatile fitness training tools. This is because it is extremely fun and easy to use and is also quite inexpensive when compared to other fitness equipments. Most importantly, it makes use of the neuromuscular system unlike any other fitness equipment to provide overall health benefits.

How can training with a stability ball prove beneficial?

It is important to maintain the proper alignment while training on the swiss ball. This helps in stimulating the natural reflexes of the body and makes the whole body react as a single integrated entity. Using the ball correctly, forces the body to use various muscles for stabilization. In general these muscles are overlooked while training with other fitness equipment. Therefore training with a stability ball helps to perform dynamic exercise and movement which in turn offers maximum benefits.

Unlike the traditional static stretching, using the ball enables you to incorporate greater flexibility in your fitness routine. This helps in improving the overall muscle strength and endurance for all major muscle groups. You can get the best benefits with stability ball training for losing weight, improving your balance and posture and enhancing your co-ordination.

What exercises can I do with the stretching ball to get the best benefits?

There are several reasons that make stability ball preferred fitness training equipment. It suited to be used alone, in groups or even for personal fitness training sessions. It is also flexible enough to be used by people of all age groups and fitness levels. Being portable and light weight, it is easy to carry around and store besides which it does not require any special maintenance for years. Some of the strength building and stretching exercise that you can do using this ball are listed below.

  • Back, hip, ab and side stretch
  • Push up exercises in various positions
  • Different types of crunches, raise and planks
  • Chest press, kickback, wall squat and high knee etc.

These exercises can help in enhancing the overall strength and flexibility of your body while also toning your muscles in a fun filled and enjoyable manner.

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