How to Register Healthcare Facility / Clinic in Dubai?

How to Register Healthcare Facility / Clinic in Dubai? 1

Guidelines To Register A Healthcare Facility Center In Dubai

Dubai is one of those places, where the standard and quality of health care facilities and infrastructure is quite high. Even though the public health care facilities in Dubai offer easily accessible and modern health care facilities for both local people and the countless foreign nationals, there are many who still prefer to be treated at private medical facilities. However, setting up a healthcare facility centre is Dubai is not an easy task as it requires the individual desirous of doing so to seek approvals from diverse departments. In addition, it also requires careful planning and awareness about the various technical and management aspects to set up such a facility in Dubai.

Registering The Healthcare Facility

The most important aspect of establishing a healthcare facility centre is to get it properly registered with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). DHA is the governing body that monitors the health care sector in Dubai and is solely responsible for ensuring the provision of high quality health care services in the region. The process of registering a new healthcare facility with DHA and getting the license for operating the same is a complex process and includes the following.

  • Choosing an appropriate location for the healthcare facility centre and getting approval from the municipality for intended usage of the space.
  • Create a layout for the healthcare facility centre in accordance with the specifications provided by DHA and get it approved by DHA.
  • Grant the contract to a reliable contractor for the construction and fitting of the new healthcare centre as per the DHA approved layout design.
  • Ensure that all the necessary infrastructure needs are fulfilled, including installation of the necessary furniture and equipments.
  • Invite the DHA authorities for a final inspection of the site and to verify if the entire required infrastructure needs have been met with in a satisfactory manner.
  • Once the DHA approves the facility after the final inspection, a medical director certified by the DHA itself needs to be appointed before the centre can start offering its services to the people.
  • The trade license is issued for the facility by Dubai’s main land DED, only after receiving the approval for the centre from DHA.

Some Important Things To Remember

Given the stringent healthcare rules in Dubai, individuals desirous of setting up a healthcare facility centre in Dubai need to make sure that they gain complete details of the procedure beforehand. They should also seek information about the necessary approvals and certifications they need to obtain before initiating the process. This is extremely important as even a minor oversight in the paperwork can delay the whole process of registration by several days or even months.

So, it is advisable for the individuals to check and double check each and every document to be submitted and also verify whether or not the facility adheres to the various rules and regulations established by DHA. An simpler and convenient method available to the individuals who intend to set up healthcare facility centre in Dubai is to hire the services of a reliable and efficient companies offering complete solutions for registration of such facilities in the region.

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