How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally 1

A meeting with someone for the first time does not stop you from noticing anything but their smile, most importantly their teeth. Your first impression matters a lot to the people with the way your teeth shine. Teeth whiteners are in plenty but the best are the ones which make them white naturally. Brands like Colgate, Pepsodent, and Sensodyne have a myriad of options for you to apply on your teeth. But are they harmful or useful? Our ancestors made better use of home remedies for their teeth. Let’s look out for those options:-

Charcoal Formula:

Charcoal is a highly absorbent substance used in hospitals during food poisoning issues. So, keep it away from your children but not your teeth. Activated charcoal can be used plain with a toothbrush or with water making a better attempt to clean your teeth.

Turmeric Wonders:

It might surprise that how can turmeric powder whiten your teeth when it heals injuries at the same time! Well, no one would like a yellow brush with white toothpaste for the next day. But, turmeric powder does work miracles if used regularly two times a day.

The Dry Fruit Power:

Always munch a bit of dry fruits like almonds or walnuts in the noon or late evenings. They not only help to remove plaque but also rub off the stains on your teeth to get that pearly white appearance. They are healthy as well as provide you with better protein content.

Coconut Oil and Brushing:

Daily we should do what’s needed to keep our teeth shining i.e. brushing. After brushing twice a day and then applying coconut oil on your teeth helps to rub off all the stuck eatables and strengthens your gums too. Coconut oil is a natural remedy for your teeth as well as your hair.

Make Your Own Paste:

You can always make the use of baking powder with hydrogen peroxide or lemon which makes a paste like appearance. Use it in the same way as you brush and see the visible white effect after your use in a week.

Let the Straw Lead You:

Even advertisements show that direct exposure of drinks or ice-cream to your teeth takes the shine away. So, make use of a straw which lessens this effect and the color your teeth gets on their consumption. Remember to brush when you consume any liquids like red wine or other hard drinks except white wine.

We all understand a fact that teeth are the most important feature noticed apart from your body language or any other facial expressions. Naturally white teeth were a technique well maintained by our ancestors who used Ayurvedic or other studies of herbs. Today, we all are not so faithful to such a deep knowledge but a little basic one can help us save our teeth and the bright smile we portray. So, it is recommended that we use such methods that help us naturally to maintain that 32 teeth smile we carry on daily basis.

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