Do Hugs Have Anti-Aging Benefits?

Do Hugs Have Anti-Aging Benefits? 1

As we are progressing towards a more technology driven and software oriented world, various forms of interpersonal touch and affection have become less common. Nowadays with the revolution in the field of information and technology and our changing lifestyles with the virtual world have decreased the intimacy between the individuals. People are busy in texting, scrolling through the feeds, posting and emailing to another person. Even family members are being subjected to such an ostracized environment. The lack of touch has various aspects in our lives which lead us to loneliness, isolation and insecurity. Who does not want a hug? Is there any other way to greet your loved ones than tightly hugging them?

So why are hugs so important for us? Multiple studies have proven the advantages of hugs which has numerous health benefits. It plays an important role in our daily lives. If you are looking out for anti ageing benefits, reduce your stress, improve your sleep and can even cure depression. The most amusing part of this incredible health benefit is that you do not need any prescription for it and neither is there any side effects. Our levels of oxytocin drop as we age. Oxytocin is known as the love hormone which is responsible for the warmth and love you feel with your loved one-it has anti ageing and restorative properties.

Hugging Helps to fight stress and induced illness

It’s well-known fact that stress can weaken the immune system, leading to cold or other mental health problems. It turns out that people who tend to have greater social support or who are inclined with other members in a more interpersonal way have good health. In fact, researchers explained that stress buffering effects of hugging have thirty-two percent of beneficial effect in comparison to others. The researchers concluded that hugs are a way of support.

Hugging boosts our immune system

Hugs strengthen the immune system. When you hug someone you put pressure on the sternum of the other person. This activates the solar plexus chakra and stimulates the thymus gland. The thymus gland regulates the balance of the white blood cells.

Hugging satisfies our ‘skin hunger ‘

Skin is the largest body organ. It is the first layer of protection against all types of micro organisms and viruses which are surrounding us. The soles of our feet, the tips of our fingers, and our lips are all specially designed to collect the smallest details of sensory data and transmit them to the brain via nerve endings. This sensation and skin contact helps to remain is healthy.

Hugging increases the serotonin levels

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which is produced by the neurons in the brain. Serotonin is known as the feel good hormone which makes us feel happy, relax and confident. Health issues such as depression and obesity have been linked to the levels of serotonin. Serotonin affects the motor functions, involuntary muscles, a mood regulator, appetite controller, blood pressure and hormones. Serotonin flows when we feel important and significant and the reverse happens when we are dejected or neglected. Thus when we are hugged, cared and gratitude is expressed towards us, the level of serotonin increases in our body. Many medicines and anti depressant drugs have serotonin in a calculated amount to help us rejuvenate ourselves.

Hugs are anti ageing

As we age our hormonal level changes in our body. Once we pass our youth the level of hormones start decreasing in our body due to our lifestyles and other external and internal factors. In a study conducted by the researchers, they found that in a group of mice, those old mice who had muscle damage when injected with oxytocin performed better or equivalent to young and healthy mice. Though clinically the process of creating oxytocin in the lab is very laborious and costly we can easily avail it by hugging. It is also called the cuddle hormone and helps in maintaining the youthful beauty. Oxytocin reduced the ageing factors and thus slows the ageing process.

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