Important Factors To Consider While Setting Up A Private Clinic In Dubai

Important Factors To Consider While Setting Up A Private Clinic In Dubai 1

Important Factors To Consider While Setting Up A Private Clinic In Dubai

Given the huge demand for high quality medical care in Dubai, has made it a preferred destination for doctors to set up their private clinic. The affluent population base, favourable tax systems and a safe and enjoyable environment for family, makes Dubai a perfect place to live in and practice medicine. However, like most other destinations, setting up a private clinic in Dubai requires the medical care professionals to fulfil some basic conditions which are discussed in brief as follows.

Qualification Needs: Any individual intending to establish a private clinic in Dubai, needs to possess a medical degree. Alternately they can appoint a person holding the right qualification as the director if the clinic. Medical professionals holding an international diploma or degree need to acquire local certification in UAE and this might include passing a test. It is also essential for the medical care professionals to have a good knowledge of English.

Licensing Needs: In order to set up a private clinic in Dubai, it is essential for an individual to acquire a license for the same. The license is issued by the Department of Economic Development and might require the individuals to hire the services of a local agent. It might also be essential for the individuals to apply for the workers visas which might be covered under the medical clinic license. This is done to enhance the convenience of employing foreign nationals to work in the clinic. Even the trained medical assistants to be employed by the clinic should hold a valid licence issued by DHA.

Space Needs: Opening a private clinic in Dubai demands adherence to extremely strict rules for space acquisition. The rules are different for different types of clinics and take into consideration aspects such as size, finishing, utility area, equipment and other factors. It is advisable for the medical care professionals to seek detailed information about these factors governing the specific type of clinic they intend to open, to avoid any complications or even total rejection of their proposal.

Approval Needs:  Health care experts are required to obtain approvals from different departments before they can set up a private clinic in Dubai. This can be an extremely complicated process for people who are not too familiar with the local health and medical care laws and regulations. Most such individuals therefore rely on the services offered by the various agencies operating in the field. This helps them to complete all formalities and paperwork related to getting the necessary approvals in a simple and hassle free manner. Since most of the approval processing is handled in a computerized manner, it does not take too long if the various guidelines are followed and necessary details are submitted in an error free manner.

Facility Type Needs: As mentioned before, the approvals required for a clinic differ on the basis of its exact type and nature. This essentially means that people intending to set up a dental clinic will have to obtain different approvals as compared to those setting up a ayurvedic or homeopathic clinic. Similarly the licenses and approvals required by nurses will be different from that of lab assistants and other medical staff. These details should be gathered well in advance to ensure a proper and hassle free processing of various aspects related to setting up the practice.

Other Needs: In addition to the aforementioned needs, individuals intending to establish a private clinic in Dubai should be willing to undergo extensive training and field practice. Setting up the clinic also involves the investment of a considerable amount of funds. The funds are required not only to create the appropriate infrastructure for the clinic but also to cover the expenses for paying the fee of various licenses and approvals to different departments and governing bodies.


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