How to increase your intake of flaxseeds

How to increase your intake of flaxseeds 1

Flax seeds are small and shiny. Proper intake helps in improving blood sugar levels, helps women in balancing the hormones, mood swings, depression. It contains good amount of fibre which helps in decreasing the chances of constipation. It is based on omega 3 fatty acids which is needed for the proper functioning of cells.

Flax seeds come in various varieties from red to golden and the taste of each variety slightly differs from another. One should try all the varieties and decided his or her flavour and try to intake it in their daily meal. Instead of broken, one should buy whole flex seed as it contains more amount of fibre and it is easy to preserve. After bringing it home, we can preserve them in fridge at cool temperature.

There are many ways to increase the usage of flaxseeds in our daily meal. One spoon of grounded flax in yogurt will provide enough amount of omega 3. It won’t affect the taste and also it will help in increasing fibre content in yogurt which will help in relieving constipation. Flaxseeds go smoothly with baked foods like bread; many bakers use more amount of it in preparation of bread rather then oil. In India, especially where some castes  are vegetarian, flax seeds act as a replacement of egg for preparation of many baked items. Vegetarian people will buy only those cakes, breads and other baked items which are eggless. So a mixture of one spoon of flax seeds and some water will replace the usage of egg for preparation of baked items.

Children normally like junk food, but smart women with the help of flax seed can prepare good and tasty sauces and ketchup. They can provide them in their daily diet like sandwiches with sauce, baked pizzas, pastas with sauce as all are baked items and contain flaxseed and children will eat it regularly without effecting their taste. They get their intake of flaxseed as well without realising it. It is also helpful in the preparation of cereals.

It is added in salads. One spoon of ground flaxseed will do wonders. Now a days people are health conscious and in many hotels and parties we see that there are separate counters only of salads. People in India are fond of good salads with regular diet.

Many people also take it in small quantities while drinking coffee or other regular juice. Stir one spoon of flaxseed into the drink. You won’t even notice its presence and it goes straight inside our bodies. Many people don’t know how to prepare items made from flaxseed or don’t have enough time. So the best way for those people is to buy readymade cereals, baked items from shop which contains good amount of flax seed. Kindly read the instructions and the amount of flaxseed contained in the food item before buying the product. But chances are that these outside food items may have extra sugar and sodium. Also as it’s prepared and preserved from long time the effect will be naturally less as compared to fresh items prepared at home.

Most of the diseases in body occur due to constipation. Try to intake flaxseed regularly in our daily meal so that our stomach remains clean and we live a healthier and happy life.

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